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Interactive Voice Response ( IVR )

Use the Phone Notify! IVR system to easily route customer calls in the right direction based on their needs. Make the right call today and start using Phone Notify! for your business!

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What Is Interactive Voice Response or IVR?

Interactive voice response (IVR) allows people calling into a phone number to interact with a telephony system by pressing numbers that transmit DTMF tones. IVR systems also say words and execute responses based on what numbers the caller presses. Overall, IVRs are common phone menus we use every day when calling companies and organizations.

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Benefits of IVR Systems

  • Automates & Customizes the Customer Support Experience
  • Routes Customers to the Right Department/Representative
  • Boosts the Companies Professional Image/Brand
  • Capable of Handling Large Amounts of Call Volume
  • Use Unique Pre-Recorded IVR Messages Customers will Hear
  • Gathers Important Information About Incoming Callers
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When to Use Interactive Voice Response

The primary use case for IVR systems is for companies that would like to automate their inbound and outbound calls by routing them to the right department and/or agent. Besides that, there is no real other use for this type of software.

IVR Systems are Perfect for

  • Automating Customer Support
  • Collecting Customer Information
  • Customizing Caller Experience

Different Parts of an IVR System

An IVR system is made up of telephony equipment, multiple software applications, a referential database, and any supporting infrastructure.

Landline phone with transmitter.

Telephony Equipment

Telephony is a phone technology that can electronically transmit voice, and other information between two parties in distant locations using a telephone/mobile device that carries a speaker/transmitter, and a receiver.

Referential Database

Referential Database

Referential databases are databases that follow a relational concept that says each table in the database must have relationships that are always consistent. Overall, this means that foreign key fields must agree with primary keys that are being referenced by the initial foreign key.

Supporting Infrastructure

Supporting Infrastructure

In regard to IVR systems, a supporting infrastructure is a collection of hardware, networks, data centers, software, and facilities used to develop, test, and monitor the IVR system technology.

Interactive Voice Response Benefits

Automate Customer Support

Automate Customer Support

Simplify your company’s incoming calls for customer support, and save time and money by allowing CDYNE’s Phone Notify! API to automatically route callers to the right department/agent so you don’t have to manually.

Handle Large Call Volumes

Handle Large Call Volumes

Whether your company is large or small, our API can handle large volumes of incoming callers—unlike other voice broadcasting services. You can trust Phone Notify! to always take care of business for you.

Gather Customer Information

Gather Customer Information

Rather than allowing customer support to waste precious time asking the customer questions, use the Phone Notify! API interactive voice response feature to collect their data before speaking with a representative.

Boost Company Image

Boost Company Image

Being able to present your business as a professional establishment is always important whenever you’re dealing with customers or prospects. Take advantage of IVR and connect differently with your audience.

IVR System FAQs

An Interactive voice response (IVR) allows callers to interact with a telephony system by pressing numbers that transmit DTMF tones. They also say words and execute responses based on what numbers you press. Overall, IVR systems are common phone menus we use every day.

With Phone Notify! API, it’s as simple as registering for the product, speaking with one of our helpful representatives and receiving your license key to connect. If you need a phone number for your API just let one of our representatives know and they’ll help you. This process should take as little as 1–2 hours.

See Phone Notify! API’s pricing page for pricing information.

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