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Answering Machine Detection (AMD)

Use the Phone Notify! IVR system to easily detect when a call is sent to an answering machine.

What Is Answering Machine Detection?

Answering machine detection (AMD) is a feature that detects when a call is sent to an answering machine—the name kind of gives it away, right? AMD can be used as a standalone software, but is often integrated with voice broadcasting services, such as CDYNE's Phone Notify! API.

Phone Notify! is an all-in-one voice broadcasting and API solution that lets you send and receive up to 12,000 tier-1 bulk calls per minute. To help ensure the best experience and service possible, we offer answering machine detection for when clients miss a call. AMD allows you to determine if a human, answering machine, or even fax machine picked up your outgoing call.

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You've Got Options

When AMD determines that a live call is not taking place, you have options about whether or not to leave to a voicemail, as well as what type of voicemail to leave.

  • Automatic voicemails – Phone Notify! leaves an automatic voicemail
  • Manual voicemails – An agent leaves a manual voicemail
  • No voicemails – AMD disconnects the call, leaving no voicemail

What About Live Calls?

AMD is useful for identifying voicemails, but what about live calls? What happens when someone picks up the phone or calls back? When that happens, it's useful to take advantage of the other features Phone Notify! offers, such as our phone IVR.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

IVR is an over-the-phone menu system that allows consumers to be easily routed according to their needs and the purpose of the call. Almost everyone has used IVR before. For example, when you call your doctor's office and press 1 for appointments, or when you call a restaurant and press 2 to make a reservation? That's IVR! Businesses use IVR APIs to route calls and save time for employees and consumers.

How Does It All Work Together?

Our Phone Notify! API is jam-packed with features and tools to make sure you reach your marketing and communication goals. Answering machine detection and interactive voice response are just two of those tools.

More Voice API Features

  • Text-To-Speech Scripts
  • Reverse Notify
  • Live Operator Transfers
  • Real Time Reporting
  • Multichannel Communication
  • Easy Integration

How Answering Machine Detection Works

Now that you know what answering machine detection is, we're betting that you want to know how it works. You're in luck! You've got questions, and we've got the answers. AMD detects whether or not a live call is taking place based on speech, silence, and the duration of both.

Algorithms analyze these factors to determine whether it's a human or machine on the other end of the line. Voicemails usually contain a long string of words with little silence, while live callers will answer the phone and then wait for a response.

Let's Break It Down: Voicemail Vs. Live Caller

Scenario 1: Voicemail

“Hi, this is John Doe. You just missed me, please leave a message at the beep.”

In this scenario, a voicemail would immediately begin playing. Voicemails are usually lengthier than greetings from live callers and have less pauses. The cadence of your voice is often steadier, with less variation in volume and emphasis. If you don't have a recorded voicemail and instead rely on the default voicemail, this is especially true. The algorithms would pick up on this and correctly detect an answering machine.

Scenario 2: Live Caller

“Hello, this is Jane Doe. … Hello? … Is anyone there?”

Opposite to the previous scenario, a person picks up this time and a live call is initiated. There is usually a short salutation and then silence as you wait for an answer. This may repeat once or twice as you continue to wait. The pitch of your voice may go higher or lower, emphasis may be placed on certain words, and your tone may change. The algorithms would analyze these factors and then label the call as live.

Scenario 3: AMD Accuracy

It's important to note that AMD isn't 100% correct all of the time. Answering machine messages vary and can sometimes be mistaken for a live caller depending on the voicemail. Additionally, factors such as the tone of your voice (or voicemail), background noise, music, and sine tones all affect answering machine detection and its accuracy.

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Benefits of Answering Machine Detection

Ring, ring—it's destiny calling. Okay, not really, but we definitely think your business and our voice broadcast dialer were meant to be. Don't think so? Just look at all these great benefits of answering machine detection.

  • Improve agent productivity
  • Drive lead conversions
  • Increase agent talk time
  • Decrease abandonment rates
  • Expediate outbound calls

And those are just the benefits specific to answering machine detection! Check out the benefits that Phone Notify! offers when you take advantage of all its marketing and communication features.

Endless Voice API Possibilities

Endless Possibilities

You can use Phone Notify! for almost anything, from appointment reminders to password resets to flash sale alerts to credit card verifications to… well, you get the point. If you can think it, our voice broadcast dialer can help you do it.

Save Time & Money on Voice API

Save Time & Money

Send thousands of calls per minute, automatically detect live calls or voicemails, and immediately route calls to the proper source—all with the touch of a button. Oh, and you can also do the same for texts. Can we make it any easier?

Boost Sales & Callbacks with Voice API

Boost Sales & Callbacks

You can call thousands of people every minute, but what if they don't answer? No worries, just integrate SMS Notify! to send them a message or leave a voicemail. Studies show that leaving a great voicemail leads to increased callbacks.

Tips for Leaving Voicemails

A light bulb

Remember KISS

Keep your voicemails short, simple, and to the point. People lead busy lives and have short attention spans. If a voicemail is overly long or vague, people will delete it.

3 People with an aim sign on them

Be Personable

Did we mention that people will also delete voicemails if they sound automated or boring? Well, they will. So make sure your voicemails are personable and friendly.

A person holding a phone

Speak Clearly

Speak clearly and concisely when leaving a voicemail so that people can understand it. This also means making sure background noise doesn't overpower your message.

Why Choose CDYNE's Phone Notify! API for Answering Machine Detection?

Join the hundreds of other clients that use our services. When you choose Phone Notify!, you don't get an average voice broadcast service. We go above and beyond to make sure we meet each of your unique marketing and communication needs.

We've been talking a big talk, but we're willing to put our features where our mouth is to prove it. We value quality and reliability, so when you sign up for Phone Notify!, you get the CDYNE advantage.

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