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Easily send mass phone calls to your entire customer base fast with our programmable voice broadcast service.

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Powerful Voice Broadcast Features

Seamlessly build, schedule, and send thousands of automated voice calls to mobile and landline devices in a matter of seconds with our affordable voice broadcasting services.

CDYNE's voice calling API comes packed with incredible features that will help advertise your products and services nationally.

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Multichannel Communication

Our voice broadcasting service can send mass phone calls and mass texts to your entire contact list.

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Interactive Voice Response

Build manageable call flows that deliver incoming calls to the correct department and representative.

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Answering Machine Detection

Our phone calling API can determine if a human, fax, or answering machine picks up outgoing calls.

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Mobile & Landline Calls

Easily broadcast voice messages directly to customers using mobile and digital landline devices.

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Outbound Conference API

Our phone call API connects calls to a conference and communicates with multiple people at once.

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Transform SMS into an automated voice call in multiple voices and languages to send to customers.

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Real-Time Reports

Our voice call API provides detailed reports of calls back to your database for analysis.

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Press 1 Voice Campaign

Enable callers to enter numbers on their devices that either collect information or route calls elsewhere.

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Call Quality Monitoring

Gauge mass call conversations between customers and staff to improve customer service.

Why Use Our Voice Broadcast Services?

We're a voice broadcasting company that genuinely cares about the success of your business.

Scalable Call Broadcasting

Our voice API enables businesses small and large to send and receive 12,000 tier 1 automated voice calls per minute on a national scale.

Programmable Voice API

Unlike other voice APIs, CDYNE's can easily integrate into your company and create custom experiences customers will enjoy.

Effective Voice Broadcasting

Our mass calling service can send calls to customers with mobile and landline devices. Leave no stones unturned with our voice API.

Broadcast Voice & Text Messages

Would you like to send mass text messages as well as broadcast voice messages to your clients? Use our programmable voice messaging services and get an SMS-enables phone number to allow customers to call or text back.

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Voice Broadcasting Documentation

Our voice broadcasting API documentation is easy to understand and implement in your business. You can connect to our automated voice service using any programming language capable of REST or SOAP calls. Contact one of our experts for help with integration.

  • Uncomplicated Voice API References
  • Code in Multiple Programming Languages
  • Detailed FAQ Section to Answer Questions
  • Get Technical Support for Any Issues
Voice Broadcast API Documentation
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What Is A Voice Broadcast Service?

Voice broadcasting allows companies to directly record messages and send them to customers, creating a streamlined process. It provides businesses and consumers alike with an effective and efficient way to connect.

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Common Voice Broadcast Use Cases

Voice message broadcasting can be used in so many ways to communicate your message to customers and staff effectively. Here are a few ideas you could implement into your business to increase sales, improve customer engagement, and lead generation.

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Marketing & Promotions

Broadcast voice messages with discounts & offers that advertise your services.

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Surveys & Feedback

Send mass phone calls to learn what customers think or resolve their issues.

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Call-To-Win Competitions

Call and broadcast opportunities to win prizes to entice your customer base.

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Emergency Notifications

With voice message broadcast, you can send time-sensitive alerts to customers.

Benefits of Voice Broadcasting

There are numerous benefits to mobile and telephone broadcasting.

Variety of Use Cases

You can use voice broadcasting services for appointment reminders, payment reminders, delivery status notifications, marketing and promotions, customer loyalty rewards, emergency and weather alerts, event alerts, password resets, political campaigns, and more.

Powerful Features

Though businesses can use voice broadcasting to call customers directly, multiple features are available that integrate with programmable voice APIs to meet each company's unique marketing needs.

Customer Engagement

The nature of voice broadcasting and the structure of its communication method create built-in opportunities for customer connection, even more so than sending a text message.

Multichannel Communication

Another voice broadcast advantage is integrating it with other mediums and applications to create comprehensive communication and marketing strategy. These include phone verification to scrub your calling list and an SMS API or SMS software to send text messages.

Saves Time and Money

Voice broadcasting already saves businesses time and money because it doesn't require individuals to call customers one by one manually. It exponentially expedites the process by allowing you to upload contact lists, record a message, and send out mass calls to everyone.

Tips for a Successful Voice Broadcast Campaign

A mass phone call campaign is more than just sending voice messages to customers. There is a strategy.

1. Set Goals

Before starting your campaign, ask yourself what goals you want to accomplish with your voice marketing platform. Do you want to generate more leads, boost brand awareness, or receive feedback on a new product?

2. Target Audience

Use demographic data to target your audience and tailor your message. Audiences radically differ depending on their circumstances in life, and the usefulness of the product or service you offer will fluctuate due to this.

3. Provide Benefits

Instead of just stating that your company is rolling out a new service, including a promotion where customers who call in or text a unique keyword will receive 60% off the service or a free trial. Simple state the benefits.

4. Call to Action

Customers won't respond to your voicemails if they don't know-how. Make your call to action clear and easy to follow.

5. Features

Voice marketing services have continually expanded and improved upon the features they offer. Use this to your advantage to save time and money while also adding value to your voice messages.


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Quality Customer Support

Most voice broadcasting companies don't have active online support channels customers can speak to when they need it the most, and we understand. That's why we have 24/7, around-the-clock emergency support for our voice messaging service.

Expect fast response times, fast troubleshooting, and easy-to-read voice API documentation that will never leave you waiting for answers. Contact us via live chat, phone, or email about our voice API today.

Programmable Voice Broadcasting API FAQ

Get all of your voice API, landline telephone, and mobile phone broadcasting questions answered here.

Voice broadcasting APIs continue to be one of the most used voice message services across both wireless and traditional telecom infrastructure. A voice application programming interface (API) enables web applications to easily send voice messages.
Like other application programming interfaces, a voice API allows a computer program to share the code and function like a voice message service.
Ease of use and reliability make voice messaging APIs the ideal choice for managing important communication. A voice API is used for security, critical communication, and customer care.
A software developer or programmer manages the voice API integration. It usually takes less than a day to write the code that communicates with the voice messaging API.
Using a voice message service API allows you to add voice messaging capabilities to your current application or software. A few lines of code replace expensive telecom infrastructure.
To test your voice API service, simply use your test credentials like you use your live credentials. This enables you to test your voice messaging API without actually sending a voice message. In addition, your account will not be charged.
You can easily send mass phone calls with our easy-to-use voice broadcast API. We also offer Ringless Voicemail, which lets you send mass ringless voicemail drops directly into your customer's inbox.
Voice broadcasting is when you send mass voice calls to hundreds or thousands of recipients at one time.
You can send bulk voice calls with our programmable voice API. It's the only technology that lets you send hundreds and even thousands of calls at once.
Schools send out mass calls to students and parents using a voice API. Similar to the one we offer here at CDYNE.
Automated voice calling works by using a voice broadcast API or software. It's as simple as that! First, you must record a voice message or use our text-to-speech engine to use a robot voice. Then you can schedule when the calls get sent out to your recipients.
You can make mass phone calls for your business by integrating a voice API into your application, CRM, or website.
Yes! Voice broadcasting is legal. It's important to know that your recipients must first opt into your contact list to keep your calls from being marked as SPAM.

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