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SMS, Calling, and Verification Solutions

For restaurants, bars, caf├ęs and more

CDYNE Services and the Food Services Industry

  • reservation management   
  • Reservation Management

    Reduce no-shows with text or call reminders, confirmations, and no-shows notices.

  • alerts   
  • Alerts

    Keep staff informed with voice or text alerts to share emergency alerts (closings) and general messages (schedule updates).

  • delivery   
  • Delivery

    Provide order status updates via SMS or calls and verify delivery addresses.

  • marketing promotions   
  • Marketing Promotions

    Promote your business with voice or text. Messages can include menu updates, loyalty incentives or coupons/offers.

wait time Your name has been placed on the waiting list. Your wait time is approximately 20 mins. We will text you when your table is ready. Thank you for your patience.

event Katie, you are scheduled to work as a Cater Server at an event this Saturday. Please arrive at the venue in uniform by 3pm.

order Your pizza delivery order is on way.


SMS Notify! API

SMS Notify! API

Effortlessly connect to others via two way texting

  • Deliver 1000s of messages in seconds
  • Send and receive SMS for two-way communication
  • Choose between short (5-6 digit number) and long codes (standard 10-digit number)
  • Supported by most U.S. and Canada carriers
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Phone Notify! API

Phone Notify! API

Place thousands of calls per minute to
get your message heard efficiently

  • Receive up to 12,000 incoming/outgoing calls per minute
  • Can implement IVR access through text
  • Reach both landlines and cell phones
  • Use a toll-free or local number to receive incoming calls
Phone Verify API

Phone Verify API

Get quick and accurate phone number
verification in North America

  • Get up to date information for U.S. and Canadian 10-digit phone numbers
  • Distinguish between mobile and landlines
  • Get carrier information and LRN with each verified number
  • Define a time zone to restrict calling times and increase the rate of successful calls
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Correct addresses to CASS standards in one simple step

  • Refine your records, eliminate undeliverable mail and qualify for postal discounts in milliseconds
  • Improve deliverability with missing address information, zip code + four, carrier route and 5-digit coding
  • Flag address as business or residential
  • Available in the U.S. and Canada