Masterful Multimedia Messaging

The Message Worth a Thousand Words

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Receive a confirmation receipt from CDYNE when the recipient views a media message on supported carriers (short code only)


Each MMS message can contain up to 2MB of content and send at the same high speed as SMS!

Content Submission

Send your media directly to CDYNE or submit messages with URLs leading to a media object for delivery

Supported Formats

  • .jpeg (JPEG)
  • .jpg (JPG)
  • .gif (GIF)
  • .png (PNG)
  • .bmp (BMP)
  • .tiff (TIFF)
  • .txt (TXT)
  • .pdf (PDF)
  • .xml (XML)
  • .html/.htm (HTML)
  • .mp3 (MPEG Audio)
  • .mid (MIDI)
  • .wav (WAV)
  • .wma (WMA)
  • .wmv (WMV)
  • .mpeg (MPEG Video)
  • .3gp (3GPP)
  • .mp4 (MPEG-4)

Carrier Guidelines

  • No marketing messages on long codes
  • No sending threats/unwanted messages
  • No fraudulent/phishing/sensitive data in message content

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Long Codes

Messages sent over Local Numbers


$0.0175 / message


$0.009 / message

*$9.99/month API fee

Short Codes

Messages sent using a Short Code


$0.0175 /message


$0.01 /message

*$9.99/month API fee

Standard Short Code Carrier Fees (US) apply


  • Sprint/Boost/Virgin
  • T-Mobile/MetroPCS
  • Verizon
  • AT&T
  • U.S. Cellular

Cost per MMS

  • $0.025
  • $0.010
  • $0.005
  • $0.003
  • $0.010