SMS Long Codes

SMS-enabled phone numbers (also known as long codes or DIDs) are VOIP-based phone numbers that allow two-way text messaging. In the U.S., an SMS-enabled phone number is equivalent to a 10-digit phone number (e.g., 757-544-9510), and may be obtained through an SMS Provider.

Unlike short codes which require an 6-8 weeks provisioning process, phone numbers may be purchased for immediate, long term use and are a low-cost alternative messaging option. These numbers are a good fit for businesses that require a local number, need to send text messages internationally, will send two-way P2P messaging, and have lower messaging volumes. Automated bulk sending of text messages is not allowed with DIDs.


long code phone number



Choose a local area code to ensure your company is recognized in your community.


All phones are inherently long code capable – Never worry your message won’t be received.

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Use your SMS capable long code with Phone Notify! and gain the ability to send voice alerts and more!

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Random vs Area Code Specific Number: A randomly generated U.S. long code number (DID) is not chosen based on area code. Alternatively, area code specific numbers are chosen for local designation.

  • A randomly generated U.S. DID only takes less than a business day to generate.
  • An area code specific number typically takes 1 business day to generate.

U.S. Toll-Free vs Area Code Specific Number: In addition to an area code specific long code, a toll-free number can also be used as your DID.

International Numbers: Global DIDs are available with International Extended SMS. Please note that international text messaging carries some restrictions and two-way messaging is not available to or from all destinations.

  • A randomly generated international DID is available in less than 1 business day.
  • Canadian numbers take 6-8 weeks.
  • Contact us for international coverage details.


  • A dedicated phone number can be used to receive Mobile Originated (MO) or incoming messages to your application. It allows your customers and clients to initiate contact with your application first.
  • Phone numbers can only send Mobile Terminated (MT) or outgoing messages at a rate of 1 message per 2 seconds per DID. CDYNE suggests sending up to 250 messages from one long code per day. If you need to send a large number of messages, we suggest utilizing a short code. Learn more about the difference between long and short codes.
  • Combining several phone numbers (DIDs) together will allow you to increase the outgoing or Mobile Terminated (MT) message rate.
  • Mobile Originated (MO) or incoming messaging do not have any limitations.
  • International DIDs will send two-way messages within their respective countries with the exception of a few.
  • Phone numbers do not require a carrier approved process to send text messages, but the FCC, FTC, and many courts have passed regulations that govern this traffic.
  • CDYNE adheres to CTIA’s "SMS Interoperability Guidelines" for Peer-to-Peer (P2P) text messaging.
  • At all times, text messages must be in accordance with applicable federal and state laws, rules, and regulations and proof of recipient opt-in or explicit consent are required. Read more about the text guidelines.


U.S. DIDs will send two-way messages to U.S. and Canadian handsets.

All long codes/DIDs are dedicated, not shared with any other company.

With Message Concatenation, you can compose messages as long as you need and never worry about out of order delivery.

You can migrate your phone to CDYNE from another gateway easily.

SMS enabled phone numbers can integrate SMS with voice functions. For example, a business sends an SMS appointment reminder to a customer. Instead of texting back, the customer chooses to call the number to reschedule and ask questions. Both SMS and voice features are available with the same phone number.

U.S. DIDs support IVR calls (must use Phone Notify! in conjunction with SMS Notify!).

CDYNE SMS Notify! includes keyword management features in an effort to uphold applicable federal and state laws, rules and regulations.

SMS Notify!'s short and long codes support sending or receiving MMS.

SMS Notify! is supported by most U.S. carriers and Canada carriers: short code and long code.

Competitive use-based SMS pricing with no hidden fees.

Real-time message traffic reporting.

99.9% Guaranteed Uptime.