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Send and receive messages quickly, effectively, and globally using our programmable SMS gateway API.

What is an SMS Gateway API?

An SMS gateway API enables a computer or software to send and receive SMS and MMS text messages to and from SMS and MMS-capable devices. A big problem with SMS messaging is that many Short Messages Service Centers (or SMSCs) use their own communication protocols, which aren’t compatible. An SMS gateway translates protocols so that messages can be successfully sent.

Similarly, content providers and application developers also need SMS gateways to send and receive SMS and MMS messages. They connect to the SMS gateway, and the SMS gateway connects to all the different protocols to translate the messages and make them compatible for successful delivery.

I still don’t get it…

No worries! SMS gateways can be a tricky subject. Let’s delve into an example that might be easier for you to understand. You see a person wearing a cool hat, and you want to know where they got it from. But when you ask, you learn that they only speak French, while you only speak English. Thankfully, the friend you’re with speaks both languages and can translate your message. In this example, you and the other person are different protocols, while your translator friend is an SMS gateway.

What does this have to do with SMS Notify! API?

But wait, you ask— this is all about SMS gateways, and you clicked on the product page for an SMS API. Well, CDYNE is an SMS gateway provider, and our SMS Notify! API includes all the functions of an SMS gateway for your convenience (with some extra features included).

Why the different name?

A rose by any other name smells just as sweet, and the same is true for an API… sort of. Okay, we’re not Shakespeare, but cut us some slack. Poems aren’t our thing, but we have been offering superior SMS services since 1999. And just like how an SMS gateway translates messages for different protocols, an API allows different applications to talk to each other. We expose an easy-to-use API for you to use that incorporates SMS gateway functions so that your messages are always delivered successfully.

How Does CDYNE’s SMS Gateway Work?

With CDYNE’s SMS gateway, you can send text messages from your website or application to over 200 countries across the globe. But we also know you want to send pictures from your latest vacation, so we made sure you can do that, too. CDYNE’s SMS gateway also supports MMS messages across the U.S. How? Let us explain.

The Long and Short of It

No, we’re not talking long and short codes— we’re talking about our SMS gateway API, although our API does use those. The simple explanation is that our SMS API uses the DIDs or short codes assigned to your account license key to send MT and MMS messages and receive MO and MMS messages.

Want more detail?

We’re happy to provide it. Here’s a more in-depth explanation for how our SMS API works:

  1. Your server or application makes a CDYNE SMS Notify! API request.
  2. CDYNE replies with an API response.
  3. CDYNE sends your message to the appropriate aggregator.
  4. The aggregator delivers your message to the appropriate carrier.
  5. The carrier acknowledges receipt of your message (short codes only).
  6. The carrier delivers your message to the intended recipient’s cell phone.

That’s a lot of acronyms…

  • DID- a 10-digit SMS-enabled phone number used for low volume two-way texting; also called a long code
  • Short code- a five or six-digit phone number used for mass texting
  • MO- mobile originated; a text message that originated from a mobile device; an incoming SMS message
  • MT- mobile terminated; a text message that terminates on a mobile device; an outgoing SMS message

SMS Gateway Benefits

There are plenty of benefits to using our programmable SMS API, but we don’t have room to list them all here. Instead, we’ll just focus on the ones our customers love the most.


Short Codes & Long Codes

With SMS Notify! API, you can send and receive texts using either a short code or a long code, whichever best suits your needs. We support all major U.S. and Canadian carriers.



Sometimes words aren’t enough, and that’s why our API lets you send and receive both SMS and MMS messages. Special characters, emojis, pictures, videos, and even links are all supported.


Super Fast Speeds

You don’t have to sacrifice quantity for speed. Take your SMS marketing to the next level by sending up to 9,000 text messages per minute. No wait time, no lag, no problems.

SMS Gateway Features

If you’re not convinced we’re the right SMS service provider for you, that’s okay. But don’t go away just yet, because we’ve still got some features up our sleeve. When you sign up with us, you don’t just get a great programmable API and reliable gateway, you also get access to the features below.


Text Concatenation

If your SMS messages are more than 160 characters, our API can segment and send them in the correct order.


Text Encoding

Boost customer engagement by sending content-filled messages using emojis and symbols.


Number Pooling

Use multiple SMS-enabled phone numbers to blast texts out faster than ever before to customers.


Delivery Reports

We’ll send you a confirmation receipt when your messages arrive safe and sound without issues.


Text Scheduling

Schedule your mass text messaging campaigns based on your audience’s location and time zone.

Local Number ID

Boost your campaign’s trustworthiness by sending bulk text using a familiar area code.

But Wait, There’s More

  • Message Queuing
  • Account Monitoring
  • Sub Accounts
  • Delivery Reports
  • Smart Rate Limiting
  • Extensive Documentation
  • Built-In Multi-Tenancy
  • 99.9% Uptime SLA
  • 24/7 Emergency Support
  • Tier 1 Network
  • Global Coverage
  • 4,000 Character Limit
  • Access to SMS Portal
  • Helpful Community
  • Regional Language

Our SMS API Types/Options

With SMS Notify! API, you’ve got options. We provide an HTTP/HTTPS-based API that you can easily connect to using any programming language capable of REST, JSON or SOAP/XML calls. This includes programming languages like: C#, VB.NET, VBScript, PHP, PHP with cURL, Ruby, and Java. Plus with our extensive documentation, you can effortlessly learn more about how to use our SMS API and quickly build apps from scratch.

SMS Documentation

Why Businesses Choose CDYNE as their SMS Gateway Provider

With CDYNE, you get effective communication without limits. Get in touch with your audience quickly and reliably, wherever they may be. We’re a premiere SMS provider that has serviced hundreds of companies across all industries. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out some of the key components of SMS Notify! API and decide for yourself.



We don’t believe in contracts or hidden fees. Instead, we offer competitive rates and flexible plans.


Tier 1 Network

Your messages can travel around the world and back without any interruptions using our SMS API.


Great Coverage

Our programmable SMS API offers connectivity in over 200 countries for optimal marketing.


24/7 Customer Support

Emergencies don’t care about office hours, so we offer 24/7 emergency customer support.

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When you sign up for SMS Notify API as a new customer, you'll receive 250 free SMS credits added to your account!

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