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Send and receive mass texts from a unique 5 or 6-digit phone number.

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What is a Short Code?

Simple Summary

Short codes are 5 or 6-digit numbers that are used by companies to send mass texts to a targeted customer base. Nine times out of ten, these messages ask users to input a unique mobile keyword and reply back in order to subscribe to their SMS marketing campaign. The idea is that with a short code, you can catch more customers’ attention while enhancing their experience and boost customer engagement.

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The Two Types of Short Codes

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Shared Short Code

Shared short codes are phone numbers that are used by multiple companies to send text messages. We don’t support this feature anymore. Learn why.

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Dedicated Short Code

Dedicated short codes are the opposite of shared because only one company is authorized to send messages from that specific number.

Dedicated Short Code Types

What’s your phone number preference?

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Vanity Code

Vanity codes are handpicked, custom phone numbers that you can lease for your SMS campaigns, as long as they aren’t already taken by another company.

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Random Code

Random codes aren’t custom or handpicked. They’re randomly generated numbers you receive after the provisioning process is complete.

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Short Code API Features

  • Message Queuing
  • MMS Messaging
  • Delivery Reports
  • Smart Rate Limiting
  • Mobile Keywords
  • Built-In Multi-Tenancy
  • 99.9% Uptime SLA
  • 24/7 Emergency Support
  • Tier 1 Network
  • Global Coverage
  • 4,000 Character Limit
  • Helpful Community
  • Regional Language + More

How to Get an SMS Short Code?

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  1. Review our short code application guide.
  2. Contact an SMS Notify! sales representative with any questions.
  3. Complete and submit your short code application form.
  4. Application is sent off to begin the 4–8 week carrier approval process.
  5. Invoice with an application fee is due after application approval.
  6. Short code is approved by carriers and is now ready for use.

Short Code Pricing

  • Outbound = $0.0075/message
  • Inbound = $0.0050/message

Volume Pricing

  • > 250K/month = $0.0070
  • > 500K/month = $0.0060
  • > 5 million/month = $0.0040
  • > 10 million/month = Contact Support

See the MMS page for MMS pricing.

Dedicated Short Code Pricing

Random Phone Number

  • $1,000.00 per month
  • $3,200.00 setup fee

Vanity Short Code Pricing

Custom Phone Number

  • $1,500.00 per month
  • $3,200.00 setup fee

Things to Know About Short Codes

  • Short codes can only be leased. In the United States, short codes are available for terms of 3–12 months.
  • Short codes must be activated in each country and only give access to cellular carriers within that country. For example, messages on a U.S. short code may only be sent to recipients in the U.S. Additionally, not all international carriers support short codes.
  • SMS short codes do not support voice capabilities. If interested in both SMS and voice, a long code is recommended. Learn more about long codes.
  • Mobile keywords can be used with short codes in order to boost your brand and customer engagement.
  • Short code usage requires carrier approval, which is done through a provisioning process that we will handle for you. This process may take up to three months to complete. Review the Guide to the Short Code Application Process.
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Bulk Text

Send an unlimited number of text messages per day.

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SMS Branding

Brand your business with a customized short code.

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We'll handle the 8–12 week provisioning process.

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SMS Tracking

Get delivery receipts from your postback URL.

Short Codes Are Perfect For

  • Marketing Messages
  • Critical Alerts
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Customer Reminders
  • Bulk/Mass Broadcasting
  • Automated Text Messages
  • Two-Way Messaging

The Advantages of Using SMS Notify!

Automatically split message longer than 160 characters (U.S) and 136 characters (Canada) into two or more messages for delivery.

You can migrate your short code to SMS Notify! API from another gateway easily. Contact our support team to get started today.

When a dedicated short code is purchased, you get unlimited keywords that can boost your company’s branding.

The long code backup feature will send any message out using the phone numbers if they cannot be delivered for any reason.

You’ll get keyword management features in order to uphold applicable federal and state laws, rules and regulations.

Our short and long codes support sending or receiving MMS. This is perfect for branding your text marketing campaigns.

SMS Notify! API is supported by mostly U.S. carriers and Canada carriers for short code and long code messaging services.

Competitive use-based SMS pricing with no hidden fees, no long-term contracts, and you get 250 free texting credits just for signing up.

Real-time message traffic reports that give you valuable customer insight. Optimize your SMS campaigns to the max.

Get 250 Free Credits

When you sign up for SMS Notify! API as a new customer, you’ll receive a free 250 credit bonus added to your account!

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