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What is MMS Messaging?

MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service and is an extension of the core Short Message Service (SMS), or SMS protocol. This essentially means that it's a way to send text messages that include multimedia content, such as pictures and videos. Put more simply: When you text your friend about the restaurant you just tried, that's SMS. But when you send a picture of the meal? That's MMS.

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What are the Benefits of MMS

Rich Media

One of the biggest advantages of MMS text messages is that they can include media content. You can do a lot with 160 characters in an SMS message, but a multimedia text message is worth a thousand words. That's probably why MMS marketing does so well compared to other marketing platforms. Overall, multimedia text messages enhance the benefits that regular text marketing already enjoys.

Impressive Stats

Text messages are highly visible, with a read rate of nearly 100%. In fact, most users check new messages within five minutes of receiving them, and over three-quarters of users respond to texts in ten minutes or less. And when compared to emails, research has found that text messages are 134% more likely to be read. It's no wonder that nearly 90% of business owners that used text message marketing found that it offered a higher rate of customer engagement than email marketing.

Subject Lines

Another great benefit is that you can also send a subject line in an MMS message. With CDYNE's MMS service, your subject line can be up to a whopping 200 characters! This means that you have plenty of space to hook the customer's attention and entice them to keep reading. And on some mobile phones, subject lines are also in bold, which draws even more attention to your messages.

When to Use MMS Messaging?

The better question would be: When shouldn't you use MMS?

There are over 5 billion unique mobile users globally, and over 273 million people are actively using their smartphone at any given time. 84% of these consumers have already received a text message from a business or organization, and that number is steadily growing.

Add to that the fact that in 2018 alone, there were over 2 trillion SMS and MMS messages exchanged— that's 5.5 billion texts per day and over 63,000 texts per second! It's no wonder that so many businesses are taking advantage of MMS marketing to grow their business.

All this combines to mean that text messaging dominates peer-to-peer communication, and is also becoming increasingly important in business-to-consumer communication. So if you're looking to boost your marketing power, MMS messaging is the way to go.

MMS is Perfect For:

MMS messaging naturally complements other marketing strategies you may already have in place. When you send a picture or other media, you not only increase the chances of customer engagement, you also create a unique experience that builds your business's brand.

Common Uses for MMS

The most common types of messages smartphone users receive from businesses are appointment reminders (86%), coupons or discounts (67%), service notifications (55%), customer service follow-ups (55%) and sweepstakes and/or contests (34%). Customers also reported that texts were their preferred method of communication for appointment reminders, service notifications, and promotions compared to other information mediums.

Even More MMS Uses

And those aren't the only great uses for MMS! The possibilities are endless, but we'll just list a few:

  • Business and contact cards
  • Deals and promotions
  • News and updates
  • Image-based polls and surveys
  • Image and video compilations
  • Customer support
  • Ticket and booking confirmations
  • Important documents and files
  • Mobile coupons and QR codes

MMS Formats We Support

  • JPEG
  • JPG
  • GIF
  • PNG
  • TXT
  • PDF
  • XML
  • HTML
  • WAV
  • WMA
  • WMV
  • BMP & TIFF
  • 3GPP & MPEG-4

The Difference Between SMS and MMS


SMS text messages are text-only. Though you can include links to rich media, you can't directly include a picture or video within the message itself. As the name suggests, MMS text messaging lets you embed rich media like images, audio files, short videos, and cute cat .gifs (don't deny it— we know you love them, too).

Character Limits

SMS messages have a 160-character limit. Including more characters will cause the messages to split up and send separately, called message fragmentation. Though this may sound alarming, rest assured: CDYNE's programmable SMS API offers automatic concatenation, which guarantees correct-order delivery. Technically speaking? MMS messages allow for an unlimited number of characters per text since there's no standardized limit. However, practically speaking, wireless carriers often limit MMS messages. At CDYNE, your MMS messages can be up to 4,000 characters and 2 MB.


Though prices vary by provider, SMS texting generally costs less than MMS. Not only are SMS texts limited by character, but they also transmit less data. MMS texting costs more than SMS, but that doesn't mean it's not budget friendly. MMS texts often include more characters and data (in the form of media) than SMS. Read more about our pricing here.

How to Get MMS Enabled for Your Long Code or Short Code

Before you can enable MMS, you need an existing SMS long code or short. Already have a long code or short code? Great! Don't already have a long code or short code? Learn how to quickly and easily sign up for an SMS long code or short code.

To enhance your current SMS service and send rich multimedia content, simply tell your account executive that you want to activate the MMS feature. Your account executive will activate the feature and notify you as soon as it's ready.

CDYNE Handles Everything For You

  1. Register for a new account.
  2. A CDYNE account representative will contact you.
  3. Add payment information to your account.
  4. Choose a long code or short code.
  5. Request to activate the MMS feature.
  6. Send rich multimedia content with your messages.
Let's Get Started

MMS Pricing

It's important to keep in mind that long codes and short codes aren't sold, they're leased on a monthly basis. What you're actually purchasing each month is the right to send text messages from that phone number. You'll have to decide which type of code is right for you, as they each have advantages and disadvantages. Enabling MMS on your short code or long code adds a small expense to the regular pricing.

Keep in mind, we're 100% transparent about our pricing and will never charge you with hidden fees. We're a company you can trust and have been leaders in the messaging industry since 1999.

Random Short Codes

  • $3,200 setup fee
  • $1,500/month
  • $0.0075/SMS message
  • $0.0175/MMS outbound message
  • $0.01/MMS inbound message

Vanity Short Codes

  • $3,200 setup fee
  • $1,500/month
  • $1/month per phone number
  • $0.0075/SMS message
  • $0.0175/MMS outbound message
  • $0.01/MMS inbound message

Long Codes

  • $0 setup fee
  • $1-2/month
  • 1-2 cents/SMS message
  • $0.0175/MMS outbound message
  • $0.009/MMS inbound message

MMS Rules & Compliance

Several agencies regulate the messaging world. The 1991 Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) was the first legislation passed that regulated the use of phones, but since then other organizations have been formed to better protect customers. These include the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA), Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and Mobile Marketing Association (MMA). Each serves a different purpose and has different rules.

Specific rules and regulations also depend on whether you're using a short code or a long code to send MMS messages. It's a lot to take in, so below we've just included the general guidelines you'll need to follow to stay in compliance.


Before sending any messages to users, they must first give consent to receive marketing-based messages. Conversely, subscribers must also be able to rescind permission at any time. Your first message should include this important opt-in and opt-out information.


All content must promote a positive user experience, meaning that no businesses can send messages that contain unapproved or illicit content, such as hate speech, lewd images, profanity, and illegal drug endorsements. Messages to minors are subject to further restrictions.


Businesses must respond to universally recognized keywords such as STOP and HELP. If a subscriber opts-out of your service by texting STOP, you can't send further messages. If a user texts HELP, you must send a compliant response, even if they're not a subscriber.


MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service. MMS is used to send text messages that include multimedia content, such as pictures and videos.

Almost no time at all! Simply tell your account executive that you want to enable the MMS features and they'll notify you when it's ready.

You can send as many messages as you want with a short code and up to 86,400 messages per day with a long code.

Not at all! When you enable the MMS feature, a small fee is added onto your regular pricing for SMS messages.

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Why Choose CDYNE as Your MMS Service Provider?

Fast Speeds & Deliverability

Fast Speeds & Deliverability

Our MMS service has lightning-fast throughput, dependable security, and smooth connections that will always deliver your messages the first time around. With a tier 1 network our API platform has an incredibly strong framework that runs off a 99.9% guaranteed uptime gateway.

Free 24/7 Emergency Support

Free 24/7 Emergency Support

Almost all service providers make you pay for after-hours support, but CDYNE isn't your average provider. You can expect fast response times, fast troubleshooting, and easy-to-read documentation 24/7 all year round. And guess what? You won't pay a penny.

Message Confirmation

Message Confirmation

Our SMS Gateway supports message confirmation, so you'll always know when your messages are successfully delivered and viewed. And since each MMS message can have up to 2 MB of content, you can rest assured that you're delivering engaging content.

Free Bonus Credits

Free Bonus Credits

When you sign up with CDYNE for the first time as a new customer, we'll upload a free 250 credit bonus to your new account. Take it as a heartfelt thank you from us as your personal service provider.

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