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What is an SMS Long Code?

Simple Summary

SMS long codes are 10-digit phone numbers that allow businesses to send and receive messages globally through an SMS gateway. They’re no different than the cellphone you carry in your hand, in the sense that they send text messages the same way. Unlike short codes, these numbers are designed for person-to-person communication. These numbers are a good fit for businesses that require a local number.

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When Should I Use a Long Code?

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1-On-1 Communication

Long codes are good for sending customers personalized text messages that are specifically directed towards them about your products and services.

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Customer Support

Long codes are also optimal for customer support services like sending support ticket updates, or chatting back and forth with your two-way texting feature.

Long Code API Features

Build dynamic connections with your customers.

  • Message Queuing
  • MMS Messaging
  • Delivery Reports
  • Smart Rate Limiting
  • Mobile Keywords
  • Built-In Multi-Tenancy
  • 99.9% Uptime SLA
  • 24/7 Emergency Support
  • Tier 1 Network
  • Global Coverage
  • 4,000 Character Limit
  • Helpful Community
  • Regional Language + More

Long Code Pricing

  • Outbound = $0.0075/message
  • Inbound = $0.0075/message
  • Each Phone Number = $1.00/month

Volume Pricing

  • > 100K/month = $0.0070
  • > 250K/month = $0.0065
  • > 1 million/month = $0.0060
  • > 5 million/month = $0.0055

See the MMS page for MMS pricing.

How to Get an SMS Long Code?

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  1. Complete the registration form to create your account.
  2. A helpful sales representative will reach out and help identify your business needs.
  3. Within an hour, your account will be created and a license key will be assigned to you.
  4. Congratulations! You can now send mass text messages.

Things to Know About Long Codes

  • A dedicated phone number can be used to receive Mobile Originated (MO) or incoming messages to your application. It allows your customers and clients to initiate contact with your application first.
  • Phone numbers can only send Mobile Terminated (MT) or outgoing messages at a rate of 1 message per 2 seconds per DID. We suggest sending no more than 250 messages from one long code per day. If you need to send a large number of messages, we suggest utilizing a short code.
  • Combining several phone numbers (DIDs) together will allow you to increase the outgoing or Mobile Terminated (MT) message rate.
  • Mobile Originated (MO) or incoming messaging do not have any limitations.
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Get a local area code to build trust with your customers.

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Rely on SMS Notify! to always deliver your messages.

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Integrate voice into your campaigns with Phone Notify.

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Fast Set Up

Use your account the same day it is activated.

Long Codes Are Perfect For

  • Low-Volume Communication
  • Group Text Messaging
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Appointment Confirmations
  • Two-Way Communication
  • Personal Alerts
  • Personal Notifications

Long Code Number Options

United States numbers may be randomly generated or use a specific area code.

  • Random numbers are created without regard to area code. They take less than one business day to generate.
  • Area-code-specific numbers designate a particular geographic region. They typically take one business day to generate.
  • Toll-free numbers use one of several special area codes that are free for users to dial when using a landline phone.

International numbers are global DIDs that are available with international extended SMS. Note that international text messaging comes with certain restrictions and two-way messaging is not available to or from all destinations.

  • A randomly generated international DID is available in less than one business day.
  • Canadian numbers take 6–8 weeks to generate.
  • Message transaction prices vary from country to country. Visit the Coverage page for details.
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