Powerful Features

Anything is possible with our customizable text messaging API.

A cellphone icon with two text messages split into two seperate messages. This is called text concatenation.

Text Concatenation

Automatically send organized text messages that segment into readable content.

A cellphone icon with emojis & symbols inside of its screen. This is known as text-encoding.

Text Encoding

Send content-filled messages using emojis and symbols to boost customer engagement.

A cellphone icon with a cogwheel and checkmark displayed on its screen. Number pooling is when multiple sms enabled numbers are utilized to send text messages.

Number Pooling

Use multiple SMS-enabled numbers to send texts faster to your targeted audience.

A cellphone icon with a 5-6-digit phone number displayed on its screen. Short code phone numbers have 5-6 digits.

Short Code

Create unique text campaigns using a memorable 5 or 6-digit phone number of your choice.

A cellphone icon with an MMS picture message displayed on its screen. MMS stands for multimedia messaging service.


Get creative and send picture messages in your campaigns that brand your business.

A cellphone icon with a 10-digit phone number displayed on its screen. Long code phone numbers have 10 digits.

Long Code

Send texts using a 10-digit phone number and start promoting your message.

A cellphone icon that is automatically responding to a text message it received. This is known as an autoresponder.

Auto Responder

Create optimized text marketing funnels through an SMS auto response system.

A cellphone icon with multiple messages being sent between two parties. This is known as two way texting.

Two-Way Texting

With two-way messaging you can collect valuable feedback from your customers.

A cellphone icon with a person opting out of receiving text messages. This is known as opt-out handling.

Opt-Out Handling

Let your audience choose whether to continue receiving your text messages.

A cellphone icon with a timer waiting to send a text message. This is known as text scheduling.

Text Scheduling

Send mass SMS to your audience based on each individual's location and time.

A cellphone icon with a thunderbolt displayed on its screen. This symbolizes how fast our SMS API can send mass text messages.

Super Fast Speeds

Our API can send up to 9,000 SMS per minute. Take SMS marketing to the next level.

A cellphone icon with a map pin displayed on its screen. This symbolizes a feature our SMS API has, which is that it can give you a phone number to send messages with that has the local number ID of your city of choice.

Local Number ID

Boost the trust your customers by sending mass text using a familiar area code.

More Robust Features

  • Message Queuing
  • Account Monitoring
  • Sub Accounts
  • Delivery Reports
  • Smart Rate Limiting
  • Extensive Documentation
  • Built-In Multi-Tenancy
  • 99.9% Uptime SLA
  • 24/7 Emergency Support
  • Tier 1 Network
  • Global Coverage
  • 4,000 Character Limit
  • Access to SMS Portal
  • Helpful Community
  • Regional Language
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