SMS API Features

When you combine our programmable SMS API with these awesome features, anything is possible!

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Lightning-Fast Speeds

Easily send thousands of text messages in seconds and scale your SMS campaign with our lightning-fast SMS API service.

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Simple Two-Way Messaging

Our texting API gives you the capability to send both one-way and two-way text messages to your contacts without issues.

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Unlimited Mobile Keywords

Create highly engaging SMS campaigns that entice your audience to respond back to you with unique mobile keywords.

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Automate your entire text message campaign.

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Save time by reusing your frequently sent messages.

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Schedule Texts

Schedule your SMS to be sent out at optimal times.

Two SMS message icons with a mobile keyword that says help inside of one of them


e.g. Text "HELP" to 711711 for more info.

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Opt Out Handling

Contacts can remove themselves from your list.

Two text message icons facing toward the other, one has a blue cogwheel inside of it


Send organized text messages to contacts.

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Contact Upload

Easily upload your contacts from a CSV file.

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Send creative text messages with emojis.

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Get detailed reports on all your SMS campaigns.

More Robust Features

  • Message Queuing
  • Account Monitoring
  • Sub Accounts
  • Delivery Reports
  • Smart Rate Limiting
  • Extensive Documentation
  • Built-In Multi-Tenancy
  • 99.9% Uptime SLA
  • 24/7 Emergency Support
  • Tier 1 Network
  • Global Coverage
  • 4,000 Character Limit
  • Access to SMS Portal
  • Helpful Community
  • Regional Language

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