Intelligent Mail Barcode Generator

What is an Intelligent Mail Barcode?

The Intelligent Mail barcode, abbreviated to IM barcode or IMb, is a 65-bar barcode used to sort and track letters, cards, and flats. It offers greater versatility by allowing many services to be requested and embedded within one barcode, instead of each service needing its own dedicated barcode. The IMb combines the data of existing POSTNET and PLANET Code® barcodes, as well as other data, into a single barcode.

What is an Intelligent Mail Barcode Generator?

Though it sounds like a mouthful, an IM barcode generator performs a fairly simple function. As you can probably guess, an IMb generator is a service that creates IM barcode keys. Businesses or mailers can use these barcode keys to generate IM barcodes.

Why Use an Intelligent Mail Barcode Generator?

IMb generators offer a variety of benefits, one of the greatest being that businesses are eligible for additional USPS discounts if they barcode bulk mail using IMb. But to qualify for these discounts, the USPS requires an accurate ZIP+4 code.

How Do I Get a ZIP+4 Code and an IMb Generator?

To ensure mailing addresses are correct and ZIP+4 codes are accurate, the USPS recommends using a CASS™ Certified postal address verification service like CDYNE’s PAV API.

What Does Our PAV API Do?

Postal Address Verification (PAV) standardizes, corrects, and verifies addresses for deliverability before mail and packages are sent out. PAV also appends the required ZIP+4 code to your data and returns an IM barcode key, giving you the ability to easily and quickly generate Intelligent Mail barcodes.

IM Barcode Benefits

Allows Multi-Program Participation

Provides Mail Stream Visibility

Generates Greater Data Capacity

Expands Tracking Capabilities

Allows for Unique Identification

Creates More Accurate Information

Increases Mailpiece “Real Estate”

Saves Time, Money, and Resources

When to Use Intelligent Mail Barcode Generators

If you’re looking for the most efficient, cost-effective way to deliver bulk mail, then using an address verification service with an IM barcode generator is a must. IMb generators save time and resources by combining information from other barcodes and expanding USPS mail sorting and tracking abilities.

IM Barcodes are Perfect For

  • First Class Mail
  • Periodicals
  • Standard Mail
  • Insured Mail
  • Certified Mail
  • Remittance Mail

Intelligent Mail Barcode Generator Examples

With an IMb generator:

Jane Doe

1033 Flamingo Court
Chesapeake, VA 23451-2420

Hugh Manne

12 N Applewood St.
Elizabeth City, NC 38141-3221

Without an IMb generator:

Address Service Requested

#1223 9940 0105 277#

Jane Doe

1033 Flamingo Court
Chesapeake, VA 23451-2420

Address Service Requested

#7962 8002 1243 622#

Hugh Manne

12 N Applewood St.
Elizabeth City, NC 38141-3221

Intelligent Mail Barcode Generator and You

Save time, money, and resources with CDYNE’s PAV API. Our CASS Certified API will provide all of the information and reports below to make sure you qualify for additional USPS discounts:

  • Append the required ZIP+4 code to your data
  • Provide a CASS Summary Report (Form 3553)
  • Return a barcode key for easy IMb generation


PAV uses a simple, USPS-approved three-step process to ensure your mail and packages are deliverable. Our API produces results for bulk addresses in a fraction of a second and generates an impressive list of return values.

1. Standardize

Standardization formats addresses to meet USPS standards.

2. Correct

Correction identifies and corrects wrong address information.

3. Validate

Validation uses the USPS databases to ensure address deliverability.

Get started today and begin generating IM barcode keys in seconds.

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Intelligent Mail Barcode Generator FAQs

An Intelligent Mail (IM) barcode combines the information of other barcodes like POSTNET and PLANET® into one barcode to more easily sort and track mail. An IM barcode generator is a tool that generates IM barcode keys, which businesses can use to create IM barcodes.

Start qualifying for additional barcoding discounts today by signing up for a CASS Certified postal address verification service like PAV API. PAV standardizes and validates mailing addresses, appends correct ZIP+4 codes, and returns IM barcode keys.

Using PAV API and an IMb generator, you can more easily sort and track mail; reduce the cost of undeliverable mail and address corrections; qualify for additional shipping and barcoding discounts; and ensure prompt and correct mail delivery.

Yes! Check out the USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode Resources page. We also have Documentation and Quick Start Guides for our API.

Emergency support is available. Please see our Contact Page for more information.

Read our PAV API FAQs or take a look at the USPS IMb FAQs. Also feel free to contact us to talk with an expert.