Phone Verification API

Our phone verification API will verify, clean, and check numbers in your contact list. It works for cell and landline devices in the United States and Canada.

  • Check if a number is a cell or landline device
  • Find service provider by phone number
  • Define time zone to restrict calling times
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Phone Verification API Features

Seamlessly build powerful phone verification applications with our dynamic phone verification API. Easily verify mobile or landline devices. Our robust phone verification service API delivers the tools you need to verify your customers.

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Remove Dashes, Parentheses, & Spaces

Our phone verification API can standardize your contact list by removing any dashes, spaces, and parentheses.

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Receive Latest SMTP Email String Data

Our phone verification API can return the same email domain that person's cell phone provider would use.

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Define Time Zones to Restrict Calling Times

Increase your marketing campaign's efficiency by targeting contacts by their location in a specific country.

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Landline & Cell Phone Verification

Save time and money by scrubbing your list of contacts and determining whether or not they are landlines or mobile.

Programmable Phone Verification API

Our phone number verification API can Integrate with your website, database, or any system using SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) or REST (Representational State Transfer) protocols.

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Boost Deliverability

Scrub your contact list before starting a marketing campaign to both remove any wrong numbers and verify whether phone numbers are active.

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Increase Conversions

Instantly verify your contacts' phone numbers, time zones, and locations to target customers more precisely and boost conversions rates.

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Reduce Typos & Errors

With phone number verification, you can correct your users' contact data immediately when they sign up for products and services.

Accurate and Reliable Phone Verification Service

Number verification is essential for any company, small or large, looking to do a phone number check to identify outdated numbers in their contact list, especially before a voice or SMS marketing campaign! CDYNE's Phone Verify API has been the go-to, cost-effective solution for phone number verification since 1999. We are a company you can trust.

Free Carrier Lookup API

When you sign up for Phone Verify you will receive bonus phone number lookup credits. You can validate a large chunk of your customer contact list for FREE without ever having to enter your credit card information.

Check Phone Carrier in the U.S & Canada

Verify phone numbers in the United States and Canada instantly. Plus, with the “carrier lookup by phone number” feature you can determine which contacts in your list are associated with a specific phone company.

Cell or Landline Verification

Our number verification API can determine whether your contacts' phone numbers are landline or mobile devices. By using this information, you will have more success with targeting for any of your marketing campaigns.

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Why Use CDYNE's Phone Verification Service?

Find out whether a phone number is wireless or a landline—in real time. Even if the phone number has been ported between service providers, Phone Verification will return the latest information. Phone Verification validates the ten digits of a U.S. telephone number and returns carrier information, plus the Location Routing Number (LRN) for telephone numbers administered by the North American Numbering Plan Administration (NANPA).

LRN is a unique 10-digit number that represents a telephone switch through which multiple phone numbers are routed. The LRN enables Local Number Portability (LNP), which allows phone numbers to be ported to different carriers. With Phone Verify, you get complete phone number information validation at a per-transaction rate.

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Quality Customer Support

Most phone verification API providers don't have active online support channels customers can speak to when they need it the most, and we understand. That's why we have support around the clock during office hours for our phone verification service.

Expect fast response times, fast troubleshooting and easy-to-read documentation that will never leave you waiting for answers.

Contact us via live chat, phone or email about our voice API today.

Phone Verification API FAQ

Our phone verification API validates the ten digits of a U.S. telephone number and returns carrier information as well as the Location Routing Number (LRN). LRN is a unique 10-digit number that represents a telephone switch through which multiple phone numbers are routed. The LRN enables Local Number Portability (LNP), which allows phone numbers to be ported to different carriers. Note that toll-free numbers do not return LRN information.
Yes, Phone Verify API verifies any number administered by the North American Numbering Plan Adminstration (NANPA).
We update our database once a month. Any telecom information updates are done at this time.
Phone Verify returns only the Telecom that owns the number, not the person using it.
Phone Verify does not return whether the number is in use, only if the number is valid and enabled for use.
Phone Verify does return the mobile carrier that owns the phone number. This does not include what is known as the sub-carrier level. An example is Cricket has recently been acquired by AT&T so a number that uses Cricket would actually show as owned by AT&T.

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