Voice Broadcasting

Automated Bulk Calls



Voice broadcasting is a method of mass communication via bulk automated telephone calls. It allows the user to send thousands of calls to recipients simultaneously. Most voice broadcasting services are interactive, allowing the call recipients to listen to a recorded message and dial specific digits to interact with the system in a way that it is most relevant to them.

Other features usually included are text-to-speech engines and answering machine detection. Many industries have added voice broadcasting to their business plans including:


  • Healthcare

  • Education

  • Debt Collection

  • Political

  • Marketing

  • Insurance

  • Hospitality

  • Financial


Voice broadcasting falls under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) that was enacted in 1991. Recipients are required to have given consent to contact them prior to a call being sent.

The consent must include a ‘clear and conspicuous disclosure’ that informs the person that they have agreed to receive autodialed and pre-recorded calls or texts and that they are not required to sign this agreement as a condition of making a purchase of any kind. Prior consent is still necessary even if there is an ‘established business relationship’. Each call is required to have an interactive ‘opt-out’ allowing the consumer to immediately stop receiving unwanted calls.

Each company is responsible of keeping an updated Do Not Call list of consumers that must be honored for 5 years and as well as honor the National Do Not Call list.


  • Send and receive 12,000 calls per minute

  • Choose between prerecorded wav file or text-to-speech scripts in different voices and languages as content for your voice broadcast campaign

  • Integrate with SMS Notify! to allow customers to call or text their response

  • Use reverse notifications to let consumer listen to missed messages

  • Reach both landlines and mobile phones

  • Control the Caller ID and send calls via a local or toll-free phone number

  • With Phone Notify! you get the phone lines, the dialer and the IVR all at a per transaction rate.


  • Post Pay Billing

  • Fully Redundant

  • Test for Free

  • HTTPS Protocol Encrypts Transactions

  • 100% Service Level Agreement

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