Proper Case

Address Standardization

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Formatting addresses in upper case is a USPS and Canada Post addressing recommendation for ease of automatic scanning and application of bar codes. CDYNE includes this standardization as part of the PAV Web Service.

There are business scenarios when standardizing an address with uppercase formatting is undesirable. By default, CDYNE PAV will return a US and Canadian address formatted in upper case. The Web Service also provides an optional data return for US addresses called Return Case Sensitive. This option will take the upper-case address and convert it to proper case.

The following are two possible results of one address verification: uppercase and proper case.

  •  Input data
    505 Independence Pkwy Suite 300
    Chesapeake, VA 23320
  •  UPPERCASE CDYNE PAV data return
    CHESAPEAKE, VA 23320-5178
  •  PROPER CASE CDYNE PAV data return
    505 Independence Pkwy Ste 300
    Chesapeake, VA 23320-5178

CDYNE's PAV API includes proper case data as part of its Postal Address Verification solution. Click here for a full list of all PAV return values.