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Send Calls Straight To Voicemail

Leave Outgoing Calls Directly Into Your Customers' Voicemail Inbox with CDYNE's VoiceMail Drop App.

  • Drops Voicemails Directly into Mobile or Landline Devices
  • Upload Prerecorded Voice Messages
  • Leave Voicemail Messages without Calling
  • Track Successful Voicemail Campaigns
  • Non-Intrusive Form of Voicemail Marketing


Send Calls to Clients For Your Real Estate Purposes

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Increase Sales Drastically By Sending Your Messages Straight To Voicemail

Voicemail Reports

Drop Reports

Track successful voicemail drops. You can scrub contacts against the National Do Not Call List, and download full, detailed drop reports.

Send Voiemails Fast

Rapid Speeds

When you choose our services, you have the capability to drop 10,000 voicemails directly into customers’ inboxes per minute.

Schedule Voicemails

Smart Schedule

Optimize your campaigns by sending calls straight to voicemail based on your customers’ time zones to increase user engagement, and sales.

Non-Invasive Voicemail Marketing X


Never worry about upsetting your potential prospects. With VoiceMail Drop's technology, no phone calls ever take place.


Most prospects listen to their voicemails before deleting them. Take advantage of this and add a human touch that creates trust between you and your desired audience. Plus, our services cost just a fraction of paying employees to make outbound prospecting calls. Additionally, with our 24/7 online emergency support, we’ll always be there to help you when you need it the most. If you still need help deciding whether VoiceMail Drop is right for you, look at the following statistics.

VoiceMail Drop Can Improve Your Company's Sales

Voice Messaging Has The Highest Opening Rate

Voicemail Listen Rate

Listen Rate

Text Message Open Rate

Text Message
Open Rate

Live Agent Call Listen Rate

Live Agent Call
Listen Rate

Email Open rate

Open Rate


1st Time Purchases Only

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Increase your company's sales, engagement, and communication through mass voicemails that drop directly into your customers' mobile or landline devices.


See How Voice Messaging Can Help Your Niche

Industries Examples Click Button to Play
Real Estate Send info about unique homes for sale
Travel Hotels Send discounted hotel offers
Automotive Remind customers of maintenance sales
Collections Contact debt owers for payments


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Going Straight To Voicemail Has Never Been Easier

Uploads Your Contacts Into VoiceMail Drop App

1.) Upload Your Contact
List into Our
VoiceMail Drop App

Upload Your VoiceMail Drop Audio

2.) Upload or Record
a Quality
Voice Message

Schedule Your Voice Message

3.) Schedule the Date
& Time Plus Set
Your Caller ID

Send Your Call Straight to VoiceMail

4.) Send Your Voice
Message to
Thousands of People

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VoiceMail Drop is Powered by CDYNE.

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CDYNE has been a premier provider of Data Quality and Communications Web Services since 1999. Our services employ API technology to ensure cross-platform capability and easy integration.

CDYNE ranks #3954 on Inc. 5000's list of the top 5,000 companies in the U.S. for 2017!

We've been making the list since 2012.

Percent Chart 97%
Of our clients have
been satisfied with
CDYNE's services
Four People
3 out of 4 clients use
our service everyday
Percent Chart 95%
Of our clients would
recommend CDYNE
- Based on CDYNE's 2018 Customer Survey


We have always been impressed with the high-availability, quality of service, SMS throughput and SMS expertise provided by CDYNE.

Martin, CEO

We have nothing, but good things to say about the reliability as well as amazing accurate data returns for all bulk addresses.

Dan, Database Administrator


With CDYNE, You Only Pay For Successful Drops!

Ringless VoiceMail Drops cost can range from a couple pennies to as high as 10, even 20 cents. CDYNE's Networks offers volume-based pricing. Essentially, this means the more drops you buy, the less you will be paying per Ringless VoiceMail Drop. With CDYNE's Networks, you only pay for successful drops! We have heard horror stories of people using the "cheapest ringless voicemail drops" providers. Remember, it’s only a deal if it works properly. CDYNE's Networks is the only Ringless VoiceMail provider that records all voicemail insertions allowing our clients proof that each message is inserted successfully.

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Minimum Prepayment of $50
  • Starting as Low as $0.045 Per VoiceMail Drop
  • The More VoiceMail Drops You Send the Less You Pay

CDYNE's VoiceMail Drop FAQs

Get Answers to All of Your Voice Messaging Questions

What is a Ringless VoiceMail Drop?

A Ringless VoiceMail Drop is a server to server communication method allowing a direct insertion of a voicemail message into a voicemail box or voicemail server. CDYNE's Ringless VoiceMail Drops allow a custom voicemail message to be inserted directly into a recipient's voicemail without contacting the subscriber directly. Recently with the help of carriers and telecom wizards in 3 countries, we’ve readapted our technology to work with landlines. This currently has a compatibility of over 300 million landline telephones complementing an over 80% compatibility of all mobile lines in North America.

How do Ringless VoiceMail Drops work?

Ringless VoiceMail Drops work by allowing a server to insert a voicemail message directly into the carrier's voicemail server making Ringless VoiceMail Drops & messaging a non-intrusive form of messaging. CDYNE's Networks creates a landline to landline session that drops the Ringless VoiceMail directly onto the backend of the phone system (carrier’s voicemail infrastructure), so no traditional call is ever made. Our self-serve platform makes it easier than ever to track successful drops, scrub against the National Do Not Call (NDNC) list and download full, detailed reports.

Is a call ever made with Ringless VoiceMail Drops?

Ringless VoiceMail Drops do not place a traditional telephone call but rather insert a voicemail directly into a voicemail server, bypassing the subscriber. Since no traditional call is ever made the subscriber is NEVER billed for the contact. CDYNE's Networks' proprietary Ringless VoiceMail Drop software creates a landline to landline session that drops the voicemail message directly to the telephone company's voicemail server.

What are the Best Uses for Ringless VoiceMail Drops?

This technology is best suited for industries including real estate, hotels, software, automotive, financial institutions, schools and so many more. Ringless VoiceMail Drop technology has been used by companies to contact their customers and in situations where Ringless VoiceMail Drops are being used as a solicitation, CDYNE's Networks requires users of this technology to scrub lists against the Do Not Call List to avoid interrupting someone who does not wish to receive these types of communications.

How to Leave the Most Effective Voicemail Message?

When leaving a Ringless VoiceMail Drop, think of it as no different than leaving a voicemail. Be casual, upfront and honest. Always clearly identify who you are and what you're calling about and leave a phone number for them to call you back on. Do not leave a message that sounds spammy or with marketing tricks or lingo. Just keep it casual, be real and you will have the most success with your voicemail campaign, PROMISE.