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RecordSoundViaPhoneCall Request the system to call you to record a sound file. SoundfileIDs can only be lowercase and contain normal file characters. The CallerIDName will be the SoundFileID and the number will be 8000000000.

Request Parameters

Parameter Name Data Type Sample Input
PhoneNumberToDial: Input phone number voice needs to call to get voice recording from. String 7575551234
SoundFileID: Name file for future retrieval. String 0801SnowDay
LicenseKey: Required to authenticate users invoking this Web Service.

Trial Key. Production Key.

String F01d89fd-5155-5455-5585-e84ab8de8591


Parameter Name Data Type Sample Output
UploadSuccessful: Returns whether or not sound file upload was successful. Boolean false
RecordSoundViaPhoneCallResult: Returns true or false if sound file was recorded successfully. Boolean true


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