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NotifyMultiplePhoneBasicWithCPM includes a way to set the calls per minute (CPM) when calling phone numbers in the US/Canada, and will read the TextToSay to that phone number.

Request Parameters

Parameter Name Data Type Sample Input
PhoneNumberToDial: Input phone number to call. String 9135550101; 9135550102; 9135550104
TextToSay: Input text-to-speech text or combination of text-to-speech and script

for outbound phone call. Advanced Scripting and Phone Notify! TextToSay Commands

String This is a sample basic call from Phone Notify
CallerID: Input number to display on receiving party's Caller ID. String 7575449510
CallerIDName: Input name to display on receiving party's Caller ID. (Not commonly used,

because most carriers will use their own directory assistance to display name information)

String CDYNE Corporation
VoiceID: Input text-to-speech voice ID. See operation GetVoices for complete list. String 2
CallsPerMinute: Input value to set the calls per minute. String 50
LicenseKey: Required to authenticate users invoking this Web Service.

Trial Key. Production Key.

String F01d89fd-5155-5455-5585-e84ab8de8591


Parameter Name Data Type Sample Output
ResponseCode: Returns call code. Integer 0
ResponseText: Returns call status. String Queued
CallAnswered: Returns true or false if call was answered. Boolean False
QueueID:: Returns specific phone call ID for use with operation GetQueueIDstatus. Long 4000832
TryCount: Returns how many times phone call will be retried if busy or unanswered. Integer 0
Demo: Returns false unless valid License Key is entered. Boolean false
MinuteRate: Decimal


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