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LM_AddListMember List Management - Allows you to add contacts to a List. You will need the ListID. The only required fields are ListID, PhoneNumber, and LicenseKey. Returns a List Member ID.

Request Parameters

Parameter Name Data Type Sample Input
ListID: Input ID of list new member will be added to. Integer 937
PhoneNumber: Input phone number to add to list. String 7575449510
ClientID: Input business or consumer full name.

This parameter can also be used to save additional information.

String 09284
FirstName: Input subscriber first name. String John
LastName: Input subscriber last name. String Smith
LicenseKey: Required to authenticate users invoking this Web Service.

Trial Key. Production Key.

String F01d89fd-5155-5455-5585-e84ab8de8591


Parameter Name Data Type Sample Output
LM_AddListMemberResult: Returns member ID created. Integer 91263


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