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Postal Address Verification
Quick Start: VB.NET

There are three steps to integrating the PAV API into your Visual Studio VB.NET project:

1. Obtain a CDYNE License Key.

Sign up for an account and complete the request form.

Register page

2. Add a PAV service reference into your project

In order to call the PAV API, you'll need to add a service reference into your project.

a. Open your Visual Studio project. Click on the Project tab and select the Add > Service Reference option as shown in the diagram.

b. Enter into the address line and click Go.

c. Once the wizard has successfully contacted the PAV service, the service will be displayed in the Services column and a success message is displayed.

d. You can change the Namespace to reflect the name of your project.

e. Click OK and the service will be added to your project as shown.

3. Call the desired PAV Address Verification method

Create an instance of the PavServiceClient and call the method (as shown in the example).