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Phone Verify
Quick Start: ColdFusion

There are three steps to integrating the Phone Verify API into your ColdFusion project:

1. Obtain a CDYNE License Key.

Sign up for an account and complete the request form.

Register page

2. Create the request code with a ColdFusion IDE. (In this example we are using Adobe ColdFusion Builder 3.)

a. Start a new project within Adobe ColdFusion Builder 3. From the menu select File > New > ColdFusion Project.

b. Click Next on the dialog box.

c. Name your project and select a location for the project. Then click Next. (You can select Use Default Location.)

d. Select the ColdFusion server, then click Next.

e. Check Create default linked folder if desired.

f. Right click on index.cfm, then click Rename….

g. Rename the file.

h. Add the request code for the desired API method.

3. Call the desired Phone Verification method and process the result.

a. Navigate to to your web development server in your browser and click on the project folder. (In this example we are running the code within the Directory listing.)

b. Click on the project name.

c. View the results.