How Text Marketing Works

Dash Notify is a text message marketing service created for companies large and small, to help boost their sales, leads, and revenue through mass texting.

1. Define Your SMS Goals

Before sending your first SMS or MMS campaign with Dash Notify, take some time to think about what you're sending, your target market, and the best words for connecting with your customers. Next, make sure the text you're using abides by short code and long code SMS regulations for the best possible outcome.

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2. Grow Your Subscriber List

Select a unique, memorable keyword that summarizes your product. This will help your customers understand the services you offer. Then, choose between a short code or long code phone number. After that, simply upload your customer contact list into our text messaging dashboard. Learn how to build the perfect subscriber list.

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3. Start Sending Mass Texts Anywhere

Dash Notify has a unique feature that lets you schedule your SMS campaigns to be sent whenever you decide! This way you can send your text messaging campaigns at the optimal time and date, even if you're not there. Did you make a mistake with your campaign? If it's scheduled for a future time, you can always cancel it.

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4. Measure Your Campaigns' Success

Now that you've sent your messages at lightning-fast speeds, sit back and relax while your Dash Notify chat box explodes with replies asking for more information about your products and services. It's that simple. This is the reason why we're the best text messaging company around!

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5. Rinse, Wash, and Repeat

Whether your SMS campaign was a success, or even if it didn't do too great, there's always room for improvement. We highly suggest that you go back and figure out what worked, and what didn't, so you have even better results for the next campaign you send. OPTIMIZE, OPTIMIZE, OPTIMIZE!

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Why Text Marketing Works

One of the biggest reasons text marketing works so well is that mobile devices are with us everywhere we go in today's world. Another factor is that SMS messages have the largest open rate (85%) compared to their counterparts like email, voicemail, automated calls, and even telemarketing.

Overall, SMS software is the way to go. If it's not apart of your marketing strategy for 2020, then you should start implementing it immediately because you're losing out on money that can be made indefinitely. Learn more about why you should integrate SMS into your marketing strategy.

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