Currently, more than five billion people across the world have mobile devices, roughly half of which are smartphones. By 2024, this number is expect to balloon to over seven billion. In advanced economies, 94% of people have a mobile phone; even in emerging economies, 83% of people own a mobile phone.

With such a large user base and continual, increased growth, it's only natural that companies would leverage text marketing to connect with users and expand their customer base. But this reach is only one of the many benefits of text marketing.

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What are the Benefits of SMS Marketing?

Besides accessibility and customer reach, advantages of text messages also include the ability to cater to customer preferences, customization options and targeted outreach abilities, the inherent flexibility for every business, and easy marketing integration and adoption methods for companies. (But these are just five SMS marketing benefits— for even more, here are 5 reasons why SMS marketing still works.)

Keep reading to learn more about these benefits and how you can begin taking advantage of them.

Accessibility and Customer Reach

With billions of smartphone users and over three-quarters of the population in every country being mobile phone owners, it's safe to say that nearly everyone can be reached via phone.

This means that you have the potential to reach customers across the globe, no matter their demographic or current location. And while younger generations still lead in terms of phone ownership, older generations are quickly closing that gap.

Included in these statistics are people with hearing and visual impairments. But with the rise of accessibility options such as screen magnification, screen readers, typing options, and other specialized product and service support, everyone and anyone can interact with phones and receive your marketing messages.

Caters to Customers Preferences

Since SMS messages are typically limited to 160 characters, the majority of text marketing is short and simple by default. This actually benefits your company, since most people have limited time (and attention spans).

While it may be difficult for you to reach users via voicemail or email, the vast majority of people will check their phone when they receive a text notification and subsequently open and read the message.

Whereas other forms of marketing have struggled in terms of open and conversion rates, text messages have a whopping 98% engagement rate and 98% open rate. In addition to this, 70% of people check messages within five minutes of receipt and 90% of users respond to these same messages within 30 minutes.

The nature of SMS messages also lends itself to the growing inclination towards instant gratification. Since marketing texts have a direct call to action (CTA) and clear instructions, users can quickly and easily access the promised value (a sale, rewards points, etc.).

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Customization and Targeted Outreach

Another one of the advantages of text messaging marketing is the customizations options that are available with SMS and MMS. Businesses can build on already-impressive stats and increase retention and conversion rates by utilizing these options.

Customers are more likely to open messages that are specifically addressed to them, which gives you an edge over businesses that send out generic texts. Along with targeted outreach, companies are connecting with more customers than ever before.

You'll also have additional marketing opportunities when you actively utilize instead of just collect customer information. For example, you can send out additional, user-specific messages for birthdays, membership anniversaries, loyalty events, and more.

Suitable For Every Business

The flexibility of SMS marketing means that it's suitable for every business, whether you're a local, family-owned shop or part of a global chain.

You can send marketing messages from both short and long codes, which means that all communication volumes are covered. Long codes are ideally suited for low-volume, customized, and two-way communication, whereas short codes lend themselves to bulk texting, automated, and time-sensitive messages.

Between these two options, companies can choose application to person (A2P) or person to person (P2P) communication— or both, depending on your marketing bandwidth.

Features and message options like vanity short codes, custom keywords, text encoding, and reusable templates also mean that companies can customize their marketing experience to best suit their abilities as well as their customers.

For an extra edge, businesses can also link their SMS messaging service with tools like SMS APIs and phone validators. A regular text messaging platform will ensure your messages are effective, while tools like these make sure those texts are delivered to the right users on time, every time.

Easy Integration and Adoption

Perhaps the best benefit of SMS marketing is that it's easy to integrate into your company's current communication and marketing strategies.

Text messaging platforms like CDYNE's Dash Notify SMS software doesn't require programming and simplify the process of sending mass marketing SMS and MMS messages. And with additional features like text scheduling and easy contact upload, you can connect with customers across the globe with just a few clicks.

There's no daily limit to marketing messages with Dash Notify, so you can send (and receive) messages all day, every day. We also provide you with a Tier 1 SMS network and guaranteed 99.9% uptime SLA, so you can rest assured that nothing with interrupt your communication.

If you're ready to start leveraging the benefits of text marketing, start your free trial today or contact our SMS marketing experts to discuss plan options.