Voice API Features

When you combine our programmable voice broadcast API with these excellent features, anything is possible!

Speak to Sales Pricing
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Interactive Voice Response

Build manageable call flows that deliver incoming calls to the correct department and representative without issue.

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Answering Machine Detection

Our voice broadcaster can determine if a human, fax, or answering machine picks up outgoing calls from your business.

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Transform your text messages into an automated voice call in multiple voices and languages to send to customers.

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Press 1 Voice Campaign

Enable callers to enter numbers on their devices that either collect information or route calls to different departments.

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Outbound Conference API

Our voice message broadcaster connects calls to a conference & communicates with multiple people at once.

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Multichannel Communication

Our automated voice broadcasting service can send mass phone calls & bulk SMS to your entire contact list.

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Real-Time Reports

Our phone broadcasting API provides detailed reports of calls back to your database for analysis and optimization.

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Mobile & Landline Calls

Easily broadcast voice messages directly to customers using mobile and digital landline devices to reach everyone.

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Call Quality Monitoring

Gauge mass call conversations between customers and staff to improve customer service and other business systems.

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SIP Trunking

Start saving time and money by sending your calls through your existing internet connection.

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Call Recording

Easily record calls with the capability of pausing and resuming the recorded voice call as needed.

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Call Control

Easily program our voice API to route, make and receive calls globally to more than 190+ countries.

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Two-Party Connection

Build dynamic applications that allow person-to-person calls on a two-way communication channel.

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One-Time Passwords

Send customers secure, one-time voice-based passwords that can verify customers and transactions.

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Stream Audio

Play music, prerecorded voice greetings, voice advertisements, and so much during phone calls.

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Lightning-Fast Speeds

Easily send up to 12,000 voice messages per minute and scale your voice broadcast campaign with our tier 1 network.

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Global Coverage

Never worry about distance again! Get connectivity in more than 190 countries for optimal voice broadcasting.

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