Short Code Provisioning Process

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Common Short Code Administration

Important Information

Short codes are managed by a central issuing registrar in each country. In the U.S., the Common Short Code Administration (CSCA) administers short codes for lease in three, six, or twelve-month terms.


Your short code will need to be approved by all of SMS Notify!’s supported carriers before it can be used. After your application is submitted, we will work on your behalf with the carriers to complete your application approval.

Application Review (1–2 Days)

  1. Submit your short code application to SMS Notify!
  2. Your application is reviewed by one of our team members.
  3. Once your application is approved by us it is sent to the carriers for review.
  4. Your first invoice will be issued with the application fee included.

Carrier Review (4–8 Weeks)

  1. Wireless carriers review your application and any other related information.
  2. If any questions come up, we work to get them answered as quickly as possible.
  3. Carriers give final approval and your short code is now active and ready for use.


You will be billed by SMS Notify! once a month from the day you submit your short code application. Your one-time setup fee will be included in your first invoice. Because the carrier approval process can take 4–8 weeks, it is posssible that your short code may not be active before your invoice is due. You are required to pay for your short code during the approval process.


Short codes are very powerful telecommunications tools. It is because of their power that they are very closely monitored. Proper use and compliance should be a top priority. Please review the CTIA Handbook and TCPA Rules to ensure your short code usage is compliant. There are several necessary requirements that must be included in your short code application to meet the compliance guidelines.Download the short code application process guide.

Download Guide

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