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United States Rates


Save up to 30-40% on our affordable SMS API, short code, and long code pricing. Volume discounts, no contracts, or hidden fees. Contact Sales for international SMS & MMS API rates/custom quotas.

We can MATCH or BEAT any international pricing. Must show latest invoice.

SMS API Messaging

The following shows our SMS API pricing to send and receive text messages using a short or long code phone number and our volume-based prices.

Number Type Sending Receiving
Long Codes $0.0075/sms $0.0075/sms
Short Codes $0.0075/sms $0.005/sms

BIG Volume Discounts

There’s no need to negotiate when it comes time for volume SMS API pricing. CDYNE will automatically offer you better rates, without any hassle or fuss on your part!

Short Codes Long Codes
250k/month = $0.007 100k/month = $0.007
1 million/month = $0.006 250k/month = $0.0065
5 million/month = $0.004 1 million/month = $0.006
10 million/month = Contact Sales 5 million/month = $0.0055

MMS API Messaging

The following shows our MMS API pricing to send and receive multimedia messages using a short or long code phone number.

Number Type Outbound Inbound
Long Codes $0.0175/mms $0.009/mms
Short Codes $0.0175/mms $0.01/mms
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Need Help?

Have a project in mind but need help pricing it? Our sales team would love to assist you with any questions that come up!

We also offer 24/7 customer support, on call engineers and best in class performance at all times - without additional spend requirements from other providers!

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Short Code Carrier Fees

Network Fee
Sprint $0.005/transaction
Metro $0.0025/transaction
Verizon $0.0025/transaction
AT&T $0.0025/transaction
Boost Mobile $0.005/transaction
Virgin Mobile $0.005/transaction
U.S. Cellular $0.0035/transaction

Phone Numbers

Number Type Pricing Setup Fee
Random Short Code $1,000/month $3,200/one-time
Vanity Short Code $1,500/month $3,200/one-time
Long Code $1/month Contact Sales

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