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You have an upcoming open house this weekend and want to send a reminder to interested buyers. But it's a Friday afternoon, and everyone is either at work or out enjoying the weather. You don't want to hassle people and you know no one will answer, so how do you send a gentle reminder without being overbearing?

The answer is simple: skip the call and leave a voicemail.

With ringless voicemail, you can have the best of both worlds. You can leave reminders and other information via voicemail without having to waste time on a physical call. Voicemail marketing is non-intrusive, quick, and easy to use.

What is Ringless Voicemail Drop?

Ringless voicemail drop, also known as RVMD, is a communication method that allows you to directly insert a voicemail message into an inbox or voicemail server without placing an actual call. Businesses can take advantage of voicemail marketing by signing up with a voicemail drop software provider.

Voicemail marketing has several benefits over other, more traditional marketing methods. In a competitive industry like real estate, every marketing edge counts. Want to learn more? Keep reading.

Benefits of Using RVMD

High Listen Rates and Customer Engagement

Ringless voicemail marketing has the highest open rate of any other marketing medium. Think about it: when was the last time you deleted a voicemail message without listening to it first? Voice messaging has a whopping 96% listen rate, which far exceeds the 87% open rate for text messages and 54% listen rate for live calls.

Even voicemails from unknown numbers have high open rates, and automatic voicemail transcriptions that many smartphones come equipped with have only boosted these impressive statistics. You can deliver important information to your customers and rest assured that they'll receive it.

Saves Time, Money, and Resources

Using ringless voicemail marketing, your business saves time, money, and resources. With traditional call methods, employees have to spend hours calling customers who may or may not pick up the phone. Then, if the employee isn't put on hold or hung up on, more time is spent leaving a voicemail. Realtors and other real estate industry professionals are busy enough without having to waste time on fruitless calling efforts.

RVMD bypasses calling entirely and leaves a pre-recorded message in thousands of inboxes within minutes. What used to take numerous employees and several hours now takes a simple click of a button, leaving you free to work on other marketing efforts. Now, you can send out voicemail campaigns while on your way to an appraisal or in between posting new property listings.

Non-Invasive Marketing Practice

As we've already mentioned, ringless voice mail is a non-invasive marketing practice that won't upset your potential prospects and current customers. Because no phone calls ever take place, no annoying notifications will pop up. Instead, users will simply see that they have an unopened voicemail the next time they check their smartphone inbox.

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Ringless Voicemail Drop

This is another way that RVMD rises above other marketing tactics. Emails, texts, and phone calls all result in shrill notifications that distract users and may build negative associations. Buying or selling a home is already a stressful time for many people, and you don't want to add to that. But with a voicemail drop, users can listen to the voicemail when they have time and on their own terms.

How to Make Voicemail Marketing Work for You

It's never been easier to integrate voicemail drops into your marketing strategy. Whether you're a realtor, buyer's agent, or even a home stager, voicemail marketing can increase your reach and drive engagement.

The first step is to find a voicemail drop service that meets your business's unique marketing needs. Are you a small or local business that just needs to expand your reach without busting your budget? Then volume-based pricing is a must, so that you only pay for what you need. But if you're a national organization that needs to reach a mass market in minutes, then high speeds may be more important.

Once you've signed up with the right provider, you can start sending campaigns the same day. Upload your contact list, upload or record a quality voice message, and set your caller ID— and that's it! With three simple steps, you're ready to start sending out mass voicemails. You can send out your voicemails instantly or schedule a future date and time to send out your campaign. Either way, you're sure to quickly and effectively reach your customers.

Ideas for Real Estate Voicemail Marketing

No matter what you do in the real estate industry, voicemail marketing can help meet your needs. Simply record a quality voice message and upload it to the RVMD dashboard, and then you're ready to send it out to thousands of people. Voicemails can be on any topic and for any purpose, but it's generally advisable to keep messages short and sweet.

Need ideas? No worries! Below we've listed some common uses for voicemail drops for the real estate industry:

  • Send information about unique homes for sale to potential buyers
  • Remind people to RSVP for an upcoming open house in their area
  • Inform interested landlords or agencies about a new rental opportunity
  • Follow up with first-time sellers after meetings or appointments
  • Update buyers about their bids on homes or new listings
  • Arrange a time and day for a property appraisal or inspection

But voicemail marketing isn't just useful for potential buyers and sellers. It can also be useful for marketing within the industry. For example, you can send accreditation and class information to prospective real estate agents or inform current real estate agents about how to become licensed realtors.

You can use ringless voicemail for any of the purposes listed above and more! Have an idea that we haven't covered? Let us know, we've love to hear from you.

Marketing with Ringless VoiceMail Drop

It's important to sign up with a provider that can meet all of your unique marketing needs, whether you're just selling homes in your neighborhood or working with a national real estate agency.

With CDYNE's voicemail drop app, you can send up to 10,000 voicemails per minute across the nation. We've also adapted our technology to work with mobile devices, which adds to your potential audience pool. And best of all? You only pay for successful drops. CDYNE is the only RVMD provider that records all voicemail insertions, giving you proof that each drop was successful. We also offer programmable voice which enables you to send mass phone calls directly to your customers as well.

Contact us today to learn more about Ringless VoiceMail Drop and how you can start maximizing your profits with voicemail marketing.