How Ringless Voicemail Works

CDYNE's Voicemail Drop is a mass voicemail marketing service created for companies large and small to help boost their sales, leads, and revenue through direct marketing.

1. Define Your Voicemail Marketing Goals

Before sending your first ringless voicemail drop, take some time to think about who your target market is, what the tone of your message should be, what you want your customers to do, and the best words to put in your script so you have the best chance at connecting with your customers.

Next, make sure you abide by the TCPA and FCC rules and regulations for the best outcome. If you're unsure of these, your dedicated account manager will help you understand and critique your voicemail drop if need be.

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2. Upload Your Customer Contact List

Now that you know you've defined your voicemail marketing goals, it's time to upload your customer contact list (.CSV or comma delimited text formatted file). If you don't know already, you can upload an unlimited amount of contacts into our voicemail drop software.

You can also scrub each contact against the National Do Not Call List (DNC). This will help you better understand what contacts you should and shouldn't be sending a ringless voicemail drop to.

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3. Upload Your Quality Audio File

Please make sure that the audio file (.WAV format) you upload is clear and will be easy for your customers to understand.

Try to keep it under 1 minute to maintain the focus of your customers. Think of your voicemail drop campaign as a YouTube advertisement that your customers will listen to instead of seeing visually.

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4. Provide A CallerID Number

Next, you'll have to choose a custom caller ID you'd like your recipients to see when they receive a ringless voicemail drop from you.

Caller ID stands for Caller Identification (CID). This phone service is available for digital telephones only.

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5. Schedule Your Voicemail Drop

Now that you've planned everything, created your customer contact list, and uploaded a quality audio file, it's time to schedule the time and date you'd like for the ringless voicemail drop to be sent.

Based on your customer's location you should plan to send your voice message at the most optimal time when customers are likely to see the notification. Once you've done this it's time to hit the send button!

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6. Measure Your Campaign's Success

Our voicemail drop software gives you in-depth reports on how many drops were or weren't successful, how much the campaign cost in total, how many messages are still being delivered, and much more.

After reading your voicemail drops campaign report, take some time to see where you can improve for the next campaign. Rinse, wash, and repeat after each campaign.

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Why Voicemail Marketing Works

One of the biggest reasons voicemail marketing works so well is because mobile devices are near us everywhere we go in today's world. Another factor is that voicemails have the best listen-to rate (96%) and a high open-rate (92%) compared to their counterparts like email, automated calls, and even telemarketing.

Overall, voicemail mail drops are the way to go for companies looking for an effective direct marketing tool to get their message across to customers. If it's not a part of your marketing strategy in 2020, then you should start using it immediately. Without it, you're leaving money on the table.

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National DNC List

Scrub your entire contact list against our National Do Not Call (DNC) List before smashing the send button.


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