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CDYNE 411 XML Web Service
CDYNE 411 enables any company to add directory assistance services digitally to any application. By utilizing this service, you will be tapping into the highest quality data from the largest online directory network in the world. Information for this directory Web Service is seamlessly harnessed from private and publicly available contact data and provided to you in a way that is easy to connect to and is backed by our 24/7 uptime guarantee.
The CDYNE 411 API is available in two different methods:

Reverse Phone Input any U.S. or Canadian phone number to return first name, last name, business name, and address. Use this method to match information from a web form to validate a new lead or applicant.

Phone Append Input any U.S. residential first and last name along with an address to receive the contact phone number. This operation will not return phone numbers that are registered in the FTC's Do Not Call database.

With CDYNE 411 you get a tailored solution to meet your increasingly difficult task of keeping your customers' and prospects' contact information current. CDYNE 411 provides you with the highest quality matches available to update your customer data. Append address and phone data to your customer database or program your CRM application to run on-the-fly cleansing using the CDYNE 411 API.

CDYNE 411 is an easy-to-use, pay-as-you go Web Service designed to add value to any Web application or legacy database. CDYNE 411 will append the highest percentage of callable phones to records with missing information.

Customer Recognition: CDYNE 411 can identify incoming phone calls, reduce fraudulent purchases, and append missing customer information anywhere your IT department can program a new feature.

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