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Phone Notify! API

The Phone Notify! API is a hosted, programmable XML web service that can send or receive up to 12,000 Tier 1 quality phone calls per minute using text-to-speech, WAV files, or both.

CDYNE’s Phone Notify! API delivers clear voice calls over its own network of geographically dispersed server farms.

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When you make a call with Phone Notify!, the call script goes in the TextToSay parameter. Various commands are available to control the content, flow, and text-to-speech options of your script.

Technical Information

Preferred Phone Number Formats

For USA/Canada numbers use this format:

  • 1 + NPA + NXX + XXXX
  • 1 + (Area Code) + Number
  • Example: (1 + 757 + 544 + 9510) = 17575449510

For international numbers use this format:

  • 0 + 11 + Country Code + Phone number

CDYNE Phone Notify! API coverage is worldwide. Calls outside of the U.S and Canada incur extra charges based on carrier.

IP Ranges

  • -
  • -

Reverse Notify / Replay Line

If you use 1-866-665-4386 as your Caller ID, the system will allow “reverse notifications.” This will allow users who missed a call to ring back this number and get the last message they missed. Keep in mind that this counts as one transaction.

Benefits include:

  • Enable your clients to listen to something they might have missed in the original notification.
  • Get your message out to people who just call back and never check voicemail (great for collection efforts).
  • Increase promotion ability and revenue for resellers of the Phone Notify! API.

Incoming Calls / Phone Numbers

CDYNE Phone Notify! supports incoming call scripts. Please send us a request or call 1-800-984-3710 to get incoming phone numbers that run CDYNE call scripts. We provide toll-free and local numbers by request. It takes approximately 5-7 business days to get a number.