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Postal Address Verification
Quick Start: ColdFusion

There are three steps to integrating the PAV API into your ColdFusion project:

1. Obtain a CDYNE License Key.

Sign up for an account and complete the request form.

Register page

2. Create the request code within the IDE

a. Start a new project within ColdFusion Builder 3. Select the menu item File > New > ColdFusion Project.

b. Follow the prompts to setup your new ColdFusion as shown in the diagram. (The server selected would be the server you added during the setup of the IDE after installation.)

c. Expand the project in the Navigator tab > expand Postal Address Verification > Verify Address.cfm and double click the file.

d. Add the request code for the VerifyAddress method to the API.

3. Call the desired PAV Address Verification method

a. Navigate to to your web development server in your browser and click on the project folder. (In this example we are using the local server created when setting up the ColdFusion Builder 3 IDE.)

b. Click on the folder that contains your project.

c. Select the project name.