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Phone Verify
Quick Start: VB.NET

There are three steps to integrating the Phone Verify API into your Visual Studio VB.NET project:

1. Obtain a CDYNE License Key.

Sign up for an account and complete the request form.

Register page

2. Add a Phone Verification web reference to your project

In order to call the Phone Verification API, you'll need to add a web reference into your project.

a. Open your Visual Studio project. From the menu select Project > Add Service Reference… as shown in the diagram.

b. Click the Advanced… button.

c. Click the Add Web Reference… button.

d. Enter the URL for the Phone Verification service: Click the arrow button.

e. Once the wizard has successfully contacted the Phone Verification service, the service will be displayed below the URL and a success message will be displayed.

Tip: You can change the web reference name to something appropriate for your project.

f. Click the Add Reference button. The service will now be added to your project as shown.

3. Call the desired Phone Verification method

a. Call the desired method (as shown).