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With the holiday season coming up, the time has come to figure out how to pull your retail business out of the red and maximize your profits during this rapidly approaching shopping season. To compete with big box retailers like Target and Walmart, you have to do more than put on your creative hat. You also have to use the more effective tool for getting the word out about your holiday specials and promotions: text marketing.

You may already be taking advantage of the wonders of digital marketing, from the fresh content uploaded to your business website to the hundreds of tweets you send out to loyal customers. But despite its effectiveness and value, SMS marketing doesn't receive as much attention from retailers. SMS can reach virtually anyone, anywhere and provides a convenient mode of communication for subscribers.

SMS Marketing for Retail Stores

The world of digital marketing is full of terms like SEO and PPC, but the one online marketing term that you should get to know better is SMS marketing. SMS, which stands for short message service, is a text messaging service that lets you send messages of up to 160 characters each. This means that "short and sweet" should be your battle cry when it comes to text message marketing for retail stores.

Let's assume you're able to sign up more than 500 subscribers over the course of the next few weeks. Some of subscribers are loyal patrons of your business, but most of your subscribers have visited your retail store once, twice, or perhaps not at all. The primary objective of operating a texting platform is to convert the customers standing on the proverbial sideline to jump into the game and buy from your retail store.

Why Text Marketing Works for Retail Stores

Retail store operators benefit from three facts of life:

  • Consumers love shopping
  • Consumers love saving money on great deals
  • Consumers read their text messages (well, almost every consumer)

As a retail store manager, one of your goals should be to tap into these three certainties. Retail store operators that implement effective SMS messaging programs enjoy an increase in foot traffic and website traffic. Once you capture the interest of a consumer via SMS marketing, it is up to you to close the sale by offering a deal that the consumer can't resist.

Text marketing for retail stores also boosts awareness of your brand, as many of the consumers receiving your messages will recommend your business to friends, family members, and professional colleagues. Above all, establishing a texting platform for your customers will improve how you engage with both loyal and prospective customers.

Tips for Maximizing the Benefits of Text Message Marketing

The first step to maximize the benefits of text message marketing is to work with an experienced and highly rated company. Choose a company with an effective texting platform that specializes in giving retailers effective tools to devise marketing strategies for their customers.

Once you choose a platform, you're ready to begin reaping the benefits of SMS marketing. Below are some simple steps to maximize these benefits and build your customer base:

  • Choose keywords that are catchy, easy to remember, and align with your business image
  • Create a customized and sincere auto reply thanking customers for signing up for your SMS service
  • Develop irresistible offers and incentives to grow your subscription list and increase consumer satisfaction
  • Market your SMS services via social media, online, and in store as part of your existing loyalty programs

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How Retail Stores Get the Most Out of a Texting Platform

The most effective way to leverage the many benefits of SMS messaging is to offer your customers special incentives. This can be accomplished on the fly, such as by announcing flash sales and exclusive events, or over a longer period of time, such as with membership tiers and points-based programs.

Because of the incredibly high open rate, text messaging is the best way to connect retailers with consumers. Keep reading to explore just a few of the different ways you can use SMS marketing to your advantage.

Notifications and Updates

Time is money, and there's no better way for you to maximize both than by using text messages to send notifications and updates to your consumers in real time. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Use SMS to notify customers of new products, seasonal services, or featured items. If you allow consumers to shop online and pickup in store, you can also notify them when their order is ready for pickup. Depending on the services you offer, you can also use SMS to allow customers to set, reschedule, or cancel appointments and reservations.

Hassle-Free Savings

SMS marketing for retailers is similar in some ways to traditional marketing practices like presenting coupons in the local newspaper or through a regularly released shopping guide. The goal is the same: send savings opportunities to as many people as possible. But SMS marketing cuts out the middleman and instead sends coupons directly to subscribers via text or code. Customers can scan the coupon in stores or enter the code online, removing the hassle of collecting coupons.

Feedback and Surveys

Customer feedback represents the best way for you to adapt to a rapidly changing retail sector. Your job is not to guess what your customers want, but to ask them what they want and anticipate their needs. You can do this in store, but that costs you (and consumers) resources and time.

Sending text messages to request feedback or with links to surveys helps you get a better understand of your customers' wants and needs without inconveniencing anyone. You can even include questions in the messages themselves, but remember: you have a limited number of characters, so keep your questions short and to the point. It's also a good idea to include participation incentives to drive higher response rates.

Digital Exposure and Promotions

Whether you're a big box retailer or local shop, having a brick and mortar storefront isn't enough to drive sales and bring in new customers. An increasing number of people are shopping online or prefer digital marketplaces. Use SMS marketing to bolster your online presence and promote your website. Enhance your exposure by showcasing new products and offering limited time sales and discounts.

Dash Notify: A Leader in SMS Marketing for Retail Stores

The SMS messaging services offered by our company have helped retail stores across a wide range of sectors increase traffic and drive sales. Contact us today to discover the most effective SMS marketing strategy for your business. We offer a range of SMS customization features, global reach, and 24/7 customer support.