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"The more things change, the more they stay the same" is not an appropriate phrase to use for real estate industry professionals. From investors that deal with the financial end of the real estate equation to agents that have to move properties at a rapid pace, the real estate industry requires a special type of professional who knows how to handle the ups and down of a volatile housing market. How do you deal with the rapid changes that are common in the real estate industry?

The answer lies in text marketing for real estate.

Let's say there is an open house scheduled for 12:00-5:00 p.m. this coming Sunday. Out of nowhere comes a change in the timing of the event. Maybe the current homeowners have to go out of town, or the weather doesn't look like it will accommodate the outdoor portion of the open house. Whatever the reason for the schedule change, you must quickly adapt. How do you let the attendees know? By sending out a quick text that explains the schedule change.

Talk about convenience on the go. Text message marketing for real estate professionals represents the most effective and efficient marketing method.

What is SMS Messaging?

Short message service, commonly known as SMS, is a software platform that allows real estate professionals to instantly send short messages to those who subscribe to their text list, such as customers and other professionals. With a similar design model as Twitter, SMS focuses on message brevity. Messages can be no longer than 160 characters, ensuring whatever you send is relevant and easy-to-read.

Advertising for the real estate industry has rapidly changed over the years. Properties are advertised online, not in local newspapers. And while signs still pop up on the corners of busy streets, networking and social media are the way to get yourself or your properties noticed. Traditional advertising methods for real estate still exist, but SMS marketing is quickly becoming the promotional channel of choice for a growing number of agents, brokers, and investors.

Text marketing for real estate makes both buyers and sellers feel like they have the inside scoop on every aspect of a transaction. You can communicate with dozens of prospective buyers in real time by sending messages that come from a single portal.

The end result is a much more profitable real estate business.

(More) Benefits of Using a Texting Platform

The financial benefits of transitioning to a texting platform include an increase in sales and a reduction in marketing expenses. However, there are plenty of other benefits of texting that deliver positive financial results:

  • Convenience: homeowners instantly receive and have a record of important information at their fingertips
  • Client loyalty: build your client base and your SMS subscriber list at the same time
  • Promotions: let your customers know about promotional offers, special sales, and positive market changes
  • Response rate: SMS texting has a higher response rate than both email and phone marketing

The last benefit deserves more attention. Many studies have indicated that more than 90% of mobile device users open text messages within four minutes of receiving them. This incredible open rate leads to a high response rate that keeps real estate professionals engaged with their clients.

How to Get the Most Out of Text Message Marketing for Real Estate

Now that you know why SMS messaging is a vital component of a real estate marketing strategy, the next step is to learn how to get the most out of text message marketing. The most reputable SMS marketing providers deliver thousands of text messages quickly and globally. But before you click the send button, we have four tips that should optimize your SMS strategies.

Create Memorable Keywords

Real estate professionals should reserve several different keywords for marketing purposes. To market a new home listing, keywords such as DREAMHOME or NEWLISTING are catchy and easy to remember. Generic keywords such as HOME1 and HOME2 are also useful, such as when you're hosting multiple open houses in the same day and want to keep track of attendance.

Text to Impress

An auto reply represents the first message you send to new subscribers, and first impressions matter. Include a "thank you for subscribing" message that confirms the subscription. Then, be clear and concise by providing your clients with the information they need to move forward in the real estate transaction process. Avoid overwhelming your clients with unnecessary messages or too many messages in a short period of time.

Build Powerful SMS Campaigns

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Promote your SMS Service

As the Godfather said, "I'm going to make you an offer you cannot refuse." Your subscription offer should be loaded with incentives to motivate potential clients to opt-in to your texting platform and keep current subscribers happy. You can reach prospective clients on social media by advertising these incentives or creating "text to join" content. Sending out emails also is an effective strategy for growing your SMS messaging service, and you can add a few signs around the office to remind visitors about your texting platform.

Keep Information Accurate

Real estate agents deal with a super-fast flow of information. From last minute open house scheduling changes to home prices that move quicker than the stock market, you have to make sure all the information you send out is accurate. Sending the wrong information for a property is a sure way to frustrate customers and lose a sale.

Ideas for Real Estate Text Marketing

Every real estate transaction starts with one point of contact between buyers and sellers. Reaching out to buyers and sellers in real time is a crucial element for real estate professionals. Let's look at a few ideas that should be a game changer for how to market properties.

Advertise New Listings

Send an alert to subscribers every time a property becomes available. You can segment your client list by a number of factors, from price ranges to desirable locations to the number of rooms a subscriber wants in a new home.

Update Current Listing

The carousel of available properties is often difficult to manage. SMS marketing keeps property listings updated by letting your clients know when a competing bid has been placed, as well as if an amenity for a home has changed or if it has been removed from the amenities list.

Send Appointment Reminders

It's tough to close a real estate sale if a potential buyer forgets to show up to an appointment or has to cancel at the last minute. SMS for real estate professionals is the ideal medium to send out appointment reminders. SMS can also be used to allow clients to change or cancel appointments, cutting down on no-shows and saving real estate professionals time and money.

Text Marketing with Dash Notify

Now that you know about the benefits of SMS marketing for real estate professionals, as well as a few tips that help you get the most out of texting, the final piece of the digital puzzle involves choosing the right provider. With Dash Notify, you get much more than a comprehensive set of SMS messaging services. You also receive global reach, customizable service, and highly rated customer suport.

Contact us today to learn more about Dash Notify and our marketing services for real estate agencies.