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For healthcare professionals, SMS marketing is much more than promoting critical medical services. Working with a healthcare texting platform allows your clinic, hospital, or medical center to open instant communication channels between patients and employees to deliver the highest quality of care. From keeping in touch with patients that need constant monitoring to knowing where staff is headed on an unusually busy day, text message marketing for healthcare companies has become a staple of medical operating procedures inside the United States, as well as across the world.

The ultimate goal of any health care professional should be to deliver the highest quality of medical care services. SMS broadcasting software allows you to do that and much more. Sending text messages can help your healthcare company’s reach grow in the community.

SMS Marketing for Healthcare

For years, social media sites such as Facebook represented the "face" of healthcare companies. Patient success stories and special event promotions have received plenty of publicity on social media. Now, text platforms have gained marketing momentum by allowing healthcare companies to send out 160-character messages. Such messages have been used for everything from patient condition updates to news about emerging medical procedures.

Think about the power of sending hundreds or thousands of subscribers messages in real time. At a time when the world awaits word of a vaccine for a potentially deadly virus, having the capability to release updates about the status of the new vaccine keeps subscribers informed and, more importantly, calm in the face of the vast future unknown.

You have to build trust with your current and potential patients to grow your business. Text message marketing for healthcare companies helps your company do this by establishing unwavering credibility.

More Benefits of SMS Messaging

Why should you incorporate SMS marketing into your operating model? There are too many reasons to list here, but let us count some of them below.

Incredibly High Open Rate

Sending emails is how many healthcare organizations stay in contact with patients and employees, but emails are often left unopened or land in a spam folder.

Conversely, the open rate for texting messages approaches 95%, which means you can count on subscribers of your texting service to read what you have to say. Instead of emails that land in a crowded inbox or phone calls that go straight to voicemail, communicating via SMS ensures that virtually everyone reads your messages in a timely manner. This means that your news or updates reach the people that need them the most.

Affordable and Effective

In an industry where costs can spiral out of control and budgets are increasingly stretched, using a cost-efficient communication tool is the way to go. SMS marketing software puts a comparatively small dent into a healthcare organization’s budget, and the return on investment makes it well worth the expense. You gain a comprehensive marketing medium, instantaneous communication channel, and way to build consumer trust and loyalty.

Instead of paying for expensive billboards and short spots between television programs, text marketing for healthcare gives you the most bang for the least buck.

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Global and Local Convenience

Mobile devices are an important piece of the communication puzzle for healthcare providers. Because of its convenience, consumers use their mobile devices for everything from shopping to exercise regimes— and, yes, even for finding a hospital or clinic near them. This same convenience applies to your organization’s needs, whether it’s appointment scheduling or critical care updates.

And with an SMS marketing platform that offers powerful local and global reach, your healthcare organization can easily stay in contact with patients and employees no matter where they are. Disaster relief trips, emergencies, and travel are no longer barriers that can keep you from providing the best service available.

Ways to Use Texting Platforms

SMS marketing for clinics, hospitals, and medical centers is not about shouting the latest deals and discounts. Instead, it’s about communicating important healthcare news that people need to know in real time.

Maximize Time Management

Outside of emergency responders, arguably no other professional needs to manage his or her time better than someone who works in the healthcare industry. Text messaging reduces the time professionals and companies spend fielding calls, answering voicemails, sifting through emails, and addressing other communication channels.

Text messaging provides a quick and easy way to communicate for healthcare professionals, both internally with employees and externally with patients.

Send Appointment Reminders

Before SMS messaging, the best way to reach patients was to leave an appointment reminder on their answering machine or cellphone. But with both flooded with spam messages and peoples’ increasing preference for texting, this is not nearly as effective as it used to be.

But now you can send appointment reminders via text, with the added bonus of receiving delivery statuses for each message. You can ensure your reminders reach patients in a timely manner, and even offer them an easy to way to reschedule or cancel the appointment.

Refill and Update Prescriptions

Another important reminder your patients need to receive involves their prescription refills for vital medications. The medical consequences for forgetting to refill a medication can linger for days or months. Using SMS, healthcare organizations can send out patient reminders to refill their prescriptions. And when it’s time for an update or renewal, SMS can help with that, too.

Announce Seminars and Conferences

The days of posting notices on bulletin boards or sending out social media blasts about upcoming seminars and conferences is over. SMS messaging ensures everyone receives timely information about these important events. You can send messages to gauge interest in a seminar, provide general event updates, and even summarize or provide links to conference panels once the event ends. If your healthcare organization is hosting the event, you can also use SMS to keep track of reservations and send reminders to panelists and presenters.

SMS Text Marketing by Dash Notify

Dash Notify takes care of the three P’s associated with integrating a texting service into your healthcare company: Pace, Price, and Promotion. With SMS, you have an affordable messaging tool that keeps your business and your patients happy and healthy by providing instant and comprehensive communication. Contact us today to learn more about how Dash Notify can exceed your mobile communication expectations.