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Your company has taken a huge step forward by building an e-commerce website. The digital version of your brick and mortar store should help your business grow by attracting new customers and increasing sales. Should is the key word here, as you cannot simply open an e-commerce store and expect consumers to visit it.

You have to find ways to promote your new online commercial platform. Advertising your virtual store on social media is a good idea and sending out notifications via emails makes strategic sense. But there is one method for getting the word out about your e-commerce store that requires minimal time and, even better, will not put a significant dent into your budget: SMS marketing.

SMS marketing for e-commerce websites is the most efficient and effective way to market your new digital storefront and drive sales.

Benefits of Using a Texting Platform

Despite the popularity of instant messaging applications, more than 90% of cell phone users send messages via a texting platform. Promoting your e-commerce site via SMS messaging should quickly reach a broad segment of your target audience.

Highly Efficient

Although you have upped your business game by taking your products online, many of your customers will have questions concerning the products and your new platform. Instead of answering customer questions and concerns over the phone, maximize everyone’s time by using automated SMS messages to direct customers to your new FAQ page. Text message marketing creates a convenient system that gives you more time to spend on other business-related projects.

Better Customer Engagement

Unlike many of the emails that end up in our spam folders, SMS messaging has an open rate that is higher than any other marketing method. This ensures that your subscribers will read your messages in a timely manner, meaning they won’t miss out on the all the promotions and sales you send them. This increased customer engagement also extends to requesting feedback. Engaging your customers sets the standard for building the level of trust your business needs to attract new customers.

Mobile Device Friendly

SMS messaging is made for mobile use, which complements the e-commerce marketspace. With SMS and smartphones, your online store is accessible anytime, anywhere to customers. With a growing number of consumers making spontaneous purchases by accessing a mobile device, it makes business sense to establish an e-commerce website that consumers can reach with one click of a button.

The Basics of SMS Marketing for e-commerce Websites

Just like there’s tools for building an e-commerce website, there’s also tools to make SMS marketing stress-free. Just sign up with an SMS provider that best meets your business’s unique marketing needs. After you find a provider, follow the steps below to get started building your marketing campaigns.

  • Choose a short code. We recommend dedicated short codes to build brand recognition and prevent misuse by other companies from affecting your business. Dedicated short codes came be random or custom, called vanity short codes.
  • Pick some keywords. Keywords are how subscribers interact with your SMS messages. Keywords can be regular words (like SALES), combinations of words and numbers (like SHOP4FALL), or even universal emojis (like 😊 ).
  • Reply to new subscribers. Use an auto responder to thank new subscribers for opting-in. Include important information and a generous welcome offer, such as a discount on a popular product or a free service offer with the purchase of a product.

Build Powerful SMS Campaigns

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Ideas for Text Marketing

One of the most powerful attributes of text message marketing for e-commerce websites is that you can announce upcoming specials in real time. You don’t have to notify email subscribers days in advance of promotions or spend time going back and forth with customers on social media. With a texting platform, you send out notifications about sales a couple of hours before the event. And as an added bonus, your subscribers can conveniently take advantage of the sale from the comfort of their living room by accessing the link you included in your SMS messages.

Turn Abandoned Shopping Carts into Sales

Here is a statistic that should you startle you: a whopping 74% on online shoppers abandon their digital shopping carts. Turn this statistic into sales by sending out extra offers to shoppers who abandon their carts. SMS marketing’s real time communication and high open rate ensures your shopper will see the offer in a timely manner, likely when the abandoned cart is still on their mind.

Gather Productive Feedback

Customer feedback represents a great way to fine tune your business operations. Instead of waiting for online reviews to appear, proactively ask for feedback in a more interactive way by using SMS. Send out surveys and requests for feedback gives you instant information that can help you improve the performance of your online store. You can collect information on how well a product is doing, in addition to comments about shoppers’ overall online experience.

Real Time Customer Service

Text marketing for e-commerce websites takes customer service to the next level. Instead of your customers leaving messages in your company email or on the phone, and then having to wait for a response, texting gives you a highly effective tool for interacting with your customers in real time. You can quickly access complaints, resolve payment discrepancies, and more. Even better, you can link a specific keyword, such as ISSUE or HELP, to an auto responder that will immediately send them helpful resources until you can address the issue.

SMS Marketing through Dash Notify

When the time comes to work with a SMS messaging service, you want to make sure you hire a company that offers the texting features your e-commerce website needs. Dash Notify has helped numerous online entrepreneurs establish a lasting and profitable presence in cyberspace. We offer affordable service, scalable features, and global coverage so that your customers can shop no matter where they are. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you drive sales and increase your customer base.