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With winter fading from our memories, the time has arrived for your caf' or coffee shop to usher in the season of outdoor service. The highly anticipated renewal of outdoor dining or the unveiling of a brand new patio means you have to find a way to get the word about your outdoor service option. Do you go on Twitter to spread the news of patio season? Does an email alerting your subscribers to pending outdoor service get the job done right? Although there are several digital marketing tools that can communicate the opening of another patio season, one digital marketing solution stands out among the rest: text marketing.

Why is texting the right digital marketing option for Cafés and coffee houses?

  • More than 90% of mobile device users read text messages within the first five minutes after receiving them
  • The average mobile device user looks at their cell phone more than 100 times per day
  • Nearly 70% of Americans prefer to receive business offers via SMS messaging
  • SMS marketing is affordable, with bundles and payment plans to match every budget

Benefits of SMS Messaging for Cafés and Coffee Shops

SMS stands for short message service— and by short, we mean texting messages that do not exceed 160 characters. However, don't let that limit you. Emojis, links, and MMS-enabled texts mean that the only limit is your imagination. Short and clear messages are an effective way to reach subscribers in real time.

Here are some other benefits of text message marketing for Cafés and coffee shops:

  • Keep subscribers informed about daily specials
  • Stay in touch with staff on and off the clock
  • Attract new customers
  • Offer discounts to reward guests
  • Boost brand awareness at special events
  • Increase repeat customer sales

How Does Text Marketing for Cafés and Coffee Shops Work?

Learning how text marketing works does not involve tapping into a centuries old secret to obtain knowledge. You connect with a reputable provider that offers a wide variety of texting platforms that the company supports with its tech team. The key to finding the right provider is knowing exactly what you want in a texting platform.

Then, you need to gain the approval of both prospective customers and loyal patrons to send text marketing messages. You can do this through a general opt-in process, such as by promoting your SMS service in-store and on your website, or by actively asking customers to opt-in, such as via a loyalty program or to receive e-receipts at checkout. After signing up, subscribers will be prompted with a welcome message that they must respond to, officially giving their permission to receive messages.

Keywords are the Key to Success

Text marketing begins by signing up for a short code and developing memorable keywords that your subscribers can use to interact with your messages. Keywords should generally be shorter, easy to type, and memorable. Other than that, you can create any combination of numbers and letters, or even just use emojis! Let's say your coffee house has added a breakfast blend to the coffee menu. You can inform your subscribers by sending a promo offer they can claim by texting back the keyword BLEND.

Automatically Welcome New Subscribers

The first message you send might be the most important one— it can be the difference between cultivating a lifelong customer or losing their business to a competitor. For every new subscriber, send a first message that warmly welcomes them and includes any important opt-in or opt-out information. You should also extend a generous offer, which can be a complimentary order of pastries or a bag of one of your most popular coffee blends.

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How to Use Text Message Marketing for Cafés and Coffee Shops

With more than 20,000 coffee shops and thousands of Cafés operating in the United States, the competition is stiff when it comes to attracting new customers and retaining regular customers. Traditional digital marketing approaches such as building a visitor-friendly website do not cut it anymore. You have to think outside the marketing box by integrating SMS marketing software into your current marketing strategies.

Create a Loyalty Program

As the standard for implementing a highly successful customer loyalty program, Starbucks continues to make changes that raise the bar for providing superior service. But you don't have to be an international chain to have a great loyalty program. Your caf' or coffee house can use an affordable texting platform to reward customers that visit your business multiple times per week. Decide what type of reward program you want to offer, select the right keyword for your customers, and off you go attracting a larger base of repeat business.

Get Customer Feedback in Real Time

Your customers love to be involved in picking menu items, as well as giving input about how to set up the long-awaited debut of your new patio. Text message marketing for Cafés and coffee houses includes reaching out to your customers for feedback in real time. Via an SMS texting platform, you can ask for ideas about daily specials, what blends to stock, and even your general d'cor. Subscribers can even submit orders via text messaging. And after a recent visit or picking up an order, you can ask a customer to send feedback about the quality of the food, beverages, and service.

Send Special Event Notifications

Cafés and coffee shops are renowned for hosting live music events, from a solo folk singer to an upbeat four-member ensemble. What is the best way to market special events for any businesses operating in the specialty eatery industry? You send out texting notifications that not only alert subscribers to upcoming special events, but also remind them a few days before a scheduled special event. Whether you're catering a local fair, hosting a holiday-themed event, or announcing a new eco-friendly line of cups, sending special event notifications to your subscribers is sure to drive sales and customer satisfaction.

Use Digital Coupons and QR Codes

The days of using costly print coupons and sending promotions in the mail to offer discounts are long gone. Instead, use digital coupons and QR codes to send offers straight to subscribers. You can announce discounts and limited time offers in real time to generate interest in your caf' or coffee shop. However, make sure not to overwhelm your subscribers with codes and ensure that all the offers are worthwhile.

Something is Brewing with Dash Notify

Text message marketing for cafe's and coffee shops represents one of the easiest and most effective digital marketing tactics. But with Dash Notify, we go beyond these benefits to also offer you an affordable and scalable platform, with global coverage and 24/7 customer support. We're sure we can meet your unique needs and help you stand out from the competition. Contact us today to learn more about how we can grow your business and stir up some sales.