When it comes to branding and advertising, SMS marketing has become one of the most effective tools. From sending package delivery notifications to reminding appointments over SMS, mobile messaging has optimized brand marketing.

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Almost no other marketing medium works as effectively for brand recognition and customer support than SMS marketing. In 2019, 98% of organizations said customer support tops the list of practices they employ to build customer retention. Using text marketing services is one of the best ways to accomplish this, and using long codes is especially useful for creating a personalized experience.

What is a SMS Long Code?

Mobile messages have emerged as one of the most effective consumer engagement tools. At present, many companies are using an SMS API to communicate with their users. SMS long codes are standard ten-digit numbers designated for a business or user to use for messaging, also referred to as virtual numbers or DIDs (Direct Inward Dialing).

Long codes have minimal setup time and are best for one-on-one, personalized, or low-volume communication. These numbers are often used for customer support, appointment reminders, and personal alerts. With CDYNE's SMS API long code services, businesses can also choose from random numbers, area-code-specific numbers, toll-free numbers, and international numbers.

Top 10 Benefits

If you have not used SMS text messaging as your marketing tool yet, it is a perfect time to leverage the technique and boost your business. Long codes are a compelling choice for businesses. Here are the top ten benefits of using long codes to help you decide to integrate text messaging into your marketing campaigns.

1. Affordability

Registering and using SMS long codes for your brand marketing is comparatively inexpensive. The affordability of long codes makes it an excellent choice for small businesses. Long codes are not as expensive as SMS short codes since they are not intended to transmit a large volume of text messages.

2. Two-Way Communication

Two-way communication is essential if you want to have a dialogue with your consumers. Because of this, using long code SMS is a perfect choice. Long codes allow you to set up a two-way conversation, making it possible for you to receive dynamic responses, set up automated replies, and save resources and time.

3. Local Appeal

If you run a local company, using a 10-digit SMS code can be appealing. For instance, if you own a courier company in Hampton Roads, Virginia, you can send your consumers mobile messages with a 757-area code to notify them about the status of delivery. Consumers are more likely to read a message from their area code.

4. Supports Voice calls, SMS, and MMS

This ten-digit long string number allows you to send and receive voice calls and SMS from all around the world. In addition to being a cost-effective marketing solution, it supports SMS, MMS, and voice calls. Long codes allow you to globally interact with your consumers.

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5. Person-to-Person Communication

Long codes are intended for P2P communication. Though businesses can buy multiple long codes to support high-volume traffic, long codes are generally more useful for low-volume, targeted communication. This makes them especially popular for customer support services.

6. Instant Setup Time

One of the best things about using long codes is the minimal setup time. You can get a long code in a few hours and, after registration is complete, start using it immediately. After that, you can send and receive text messages without any delay.

7. A More Personalized Experience

Long codes look more personal than short codes, especially if they use a local area code. They are made for sending personalized SMS and MMS messages specifically directed toward consumers that are open to your products and services. Moreover, long codes allow you to send relevant and targeted messages, including alerts and reminders, with its two-way texting feature.

8. International Reach

Long virtual numbers support two-way communication and standard texting on an international level. If your business offers any service worldwide or has a consumer base that spans multiple countries, you can use a long code to communicate. This creates a personalized experience on a global scale.

9. More Choice

Depending on the API, long codes come with various feature options that can help you build dynamic connections with your consumers. Features such as message queuing, delivery report, smart rate limiting, and built-in multi-tenancy all help you create the best communication experience possible.

10. Text Network for Internal Staff

If you want to set up a texting network for your internal staff, then a long code is the best way to do that. For instance, you can set up a messaging group in which your employees can communicate with each other easily. This can help you establish a consistent yet robust communication platform.

Final Word

Long codes are a versatile form of SMS communication that is growing in popularity. Though it does have drawbacks, it also has many advantages, the top ten of which are outlined here. Long codes are a great choice for a variety of companies and can meet versatile communication needs. Whether your users are down the street or across the globe, long codes offer personalized and fast text marketing.