People are bombarded every day with what seems like an increasing amount of phone calls: from telemarketers, spam accounts, junk callers, and more. With all that noise, it’s easy for legitimate companies and their messages to become drowned out.

In today’s era of instant connection and convenience, it’s more efficient to simply skip calling and drop voicemails directly into customers’ inboxes. Luckily, ringless voicemail is a product that does exactly that.

Multiple communication API buttons and the largest one is a button that says voicemail.

Steps To Send A Voicemail Without Calling

Ringless voicemail (RVM) is one of the most non-intrusive forms of marketing. You don’t bother the customer with phone calls (which could easily be mistaken for spam) and instead place the power directly in customers’ hands. They choose whether or not to listen to the voicemail and respond to your call to action (CTA).

Because of this, customers are more willing to engage with RVM. Voicemails have an impressive 96% listen rate and 92% open rate as compared to other traditional communication counterparts like automated calls and emails.

Keep reading to learn how to send a voicemail without calling and how easy it is for companies to connect with customers using ringless voicemail drops.

Step 1: Sign Up With An RVM Service

The first step to sending voicemail directly to your customers’ phones is to sign up with an RVM service. Make sure whichever service you choose has the right pricing, scalability, and features to support your short-term and long-term marketing goals.

Pro Tip: Not sure about a service? Don’t be afraid to ask for a demo or take advantage of free trial periods to see if it’s the right RVM software for you.

Step 2: Upload Your Contact Lists

Upload your customer contact list in a format supported by your RVM service (such as a comma delimited text format file). The best services offer unlimited contact uploads so that you can continue growing your business without worrying about upload constraints.

Pro Tip: It’s better to have multiple contact lists broken down by areas (demographics, product base, campaigns, etc.) than one giant list.

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Step 3: Scrub And Check Your Contacts

Check your contacts against the national Do Not Call (DNC) list. If any phone numbers are registered on there, remove them from your list. It’s also wise to run your contacts through a phone validation service to make sure they’re accurate and still in use.

Pro Tip: Contact quality is more important than sheer quantity. Focus on the customers that provide more potential for conversion.

Step 4: Record And Upload Your Message

Record and upload the voicemail you want your customers to receive. Some services also offer professional voice-over actors to read your messages. Upload the audio file in an approved file format.

Pro Tip: To keep your customers’ focus, make sure your message is less than one minute long.

Step 5: Schedule Your Voicemail Drops

Lastly, schedule your voicemail drops for whichever date and time is most convenient for your customers. Contacting customers at optimal times increases listen, conversion, and engagement rates, which in turn boosts your business.

Pro Tip: Checking your customers’ locations helps keep you compliant and prevents you from accidentally contacting them during restricted times.

How To Sign Up For Ringless Voicemail

If you want to know how to go straight to voicemail on a landline or skip calling altogether, simply sign up for a ringless voicemail service.

Services like CDYNE’s Ringless Voicemail allow companies to instantly drop thousands of messages into their customers’ phones without wasting time and resources on calling. These services are perfect for both large and small companies: they have the capacity to support global mass marketing and offer a touch of personalization.

Our RVM software is compatible with both landline and mobile devices, allows you to easily track and schedule your drops, and provides you with unlimited contact uploads.