Sending a message to the wrong phone number is frustrating at the best of times. But if you’re trying to convey time-sensitive or important information, it can quickly become dangerous.

Phone validator APIs verify, clean, and check numbers to ensure they’re still valid and, if so, correct. This saves companies time, money, and resources, in addition to ensuring customers receive all intended messages, calls, and emails.

Verifying and validating phone numbers prior to contacting them is an essential step in any communication and marketing campaign.

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How To Verify Phone Numbers

No matter what industry you’re in or what size your business is, it’s useful to know how to validate phone numbers.

The easiest way to verify phone numbers is to sign up for a phone validator. This tools reviews, standardizes, corrects, and removes hundreds (or even thousands) of numbers in seconds.

Your entire contact list will be standardized, incorrect numbers will be corrected or removed, and invalid numbers will be removed.

This leaves you with a contact list with a guaranteed 100% delivery rate, automatically boosting your campaign’s effectiveness and response rates.

How Does A Phone Validator Work?

Whether you want to know how to verify mobile phone numbers or landline phone numbers, the process is the same. Here’s what you do:

  1. Sign up for a phone validator and integrate it with your website, database, system, etc. Many programmable validators use SOAP or REST protocols. Make sure the validator you choose can support your current and future customer base.
  2. Upload your contact lists. You don’t have to edit them beforehand; in addition to verifying numbers, validator tools will standardize your list and remove dashes, parenthesis, and spaces.
  3. Validate the numbers. The tools will scrub your contact list, flagging incorrect numbers and removing inactive ones. If incorrect numbers can’t be corrected, they’ll also be removed.
  4. Send your campaigns. Now that you’ve ensured deliverability, you can safely send your SMS, email, or voicemail campaign and rest easy knowing it will reach the maximum number of subscribers possible.
  5. Review your data with features like real-time reporting and the ability to define time zones and restrict contact times. This increases your campaign’s effectiveness by more specifically targeting contacts and campaigns.

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Phone Verification API

The best part? You can integrate phone validators into your other APIs and programs prior to sending out communications and marketing campaigns.

For example, you can combine phone verification with your SMS API or mass texting software before sending SMS messages, ensuring all the subscribers on your contact list are still active.

Similarly, verifying numbers prior to sending them a voice message or ringless voicemail ensures that you’re connecting with real people, in real time.

How To Start Using A Phone Validator

CDYNE’s programmable phone number validation api will verify, clean, and check the numbers in your contact list prior to sending out campaigns. You’ll boost conversions and deliverability with features like landline and cell validation, defined time zones, phone carrier lookup, and more.

Our per-transaction service ensures you only pay for what you need, while our API ensures you’ll connect with your customers the first time, every time— guaranteed. And with real-time reports and the latest SMTP email string data, you’ll be able to better target your campaigns and improve results.